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 Bone coloured theme for a kabal

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PostSubject: Bone coloured theme for a kabal   Bone coloured theme for a kabal I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 06 2011, 14:09

So some of u awesome archons might know (from my other post/thread), that I was planning to paint my army after painting the hull of my vehicles and my hellions boards and wyches, I saw one of the coolest looking thing for me. A kabal that was painted, that looked like the armor is made of bones! (look below)
(I feel bad, I forgot if we're allowed to post links to other forum feels like I'm doing a wrong thing here, but let's keep going...I'm sorry if this is wrong though, feels like I betrayed dark city)

But yes! This guys army! I was just in awe and I fell in love with it. So I plan to paint mine like his, and like the raider, for me will work well, cause I can do splatter of blood on the prow and on front part of the hull and it will stand out not like on purple!!'s the catch...I need tips again...please

I was planning to use these paints: (in order)
1) calthan brown
2) Devlan mud or badab black
3) bleached bone
4) dev mud or bad black
5) dry rush bleached bone (maybe) or go straight to white highlights??

Urgh please help!!!
Also, I was planning to paint the gems and other stuff as light blue (yes like that guy) or change it around and do glowing red. But purple would also be nice...I just can't decide!!! If u guys have other good ideas! Please say so! Thank you!!!
I also need help with the hair, with what colour to use Razz

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Bone coloured theme for a kabal Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bone coloured theme for a kabal   Bone coloured theme for a kabal I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 06 2011, 14:44

I think your method will work pretty well...when I paint bone it comes off a little lighter

1. Dheneb Stone
2. Drybursh bestial or vermin brown
3. if im so inclined a little bit of delvan mud
4. Drybrush bleached bone
5. Gryphonne sepia
6. if inclined some more bleached bone
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Bone coloured theme for a kabal
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