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 3D Printed Battle Fleet Gothic?

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PostSubject: 3D Printed Battle Fleet Gothic?   3D Printed Battle Fleet Gothic? I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 10 2020, 21:05

Hello, with the success of 8th Edition 40K, my gaming group has been re-invigorated and even has a few new members. I have been slowly re-introducing Battle Fleet Gothic to the group. I would love to have a source for models besides E-bay.

Does anyone here have any experience with 3D printed BFG ships. Either ordered from a website like ShapeWays or self-printing on their own printer? Does the quality come close the the official models? I have found plenty of the .stl files online, but I don't have access to a printer yet.

If I get my own printer, I would not be looking to create anything to sell, just for my own use within my friend group. And I certainly would not print anything from GW that is not Out-of-Print. But damn, I really miss Battle Fleet Gothic!
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3D Printed Battle Fleet Gothic? Empty
PostSubject: Re: 3D Printed Battle Fleet Gothic?   3D Printed Battle Fleet Gothic? I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 16 2020, 23:42

Battlefleet Gothic was in fact how I got into playing the Dark Eldar, and is still one of my favourite games so I wish you luck!

Though sadly I have no experience of 3D printing to assist you with!

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3D Printed Battle Fleet Gothic?
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