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 2K tournament, Tweaked my list, New ITC missions. VS. Guard/ IF and IF

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2K tournament, Tweaked my list, New ITC missions. VS. Guard/ IF and IF Empty
PostSubject: 2K tournament, Tweaked my list, New ITC missions. VS. Guard/ IF and IF   2K tournament, Tweaked my list, New ITC missions. VS. Guard/ IF and IF I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 24 2020, 17:11

After last month, where I won a tournament but was not happy with the overall performance, I then made a Wych list I thought was great. Until I was informed/ realize that marines all have pistols, making the list about useless.
So after taking advice, I "tweaked" my list to the following:
Flayed Skull battalion #1
Drazahar (warlord... never leave home without him)
Arcon / Blast Pistol/ Huskblade
4x Warriors with Blasters in venoms
1 raider

Flayed Skull BAttalion #2
Arcon/ Blast Pistol/ Huskblade
4 x warriors with blasters in venoms
2 raiders

Ynarri vanguard
The Yncarne
5 Incubi
5 Incubi
6 Incubi- all champs had demiklaives.

So... I spent 1 CP each game to make the Incubi Ynnari.

Game 1- Imperial Guard Tank Parking Lot

He had 3 detachments, 1 cadian, 1 talarn and the other I am not sure. He had the upgraded Vigilus Defiant tank commander unit and the artillery unit.
He had 3 command tanks/ battle cannons/ 1 had the big named cannon.
1 wyvern
1 basalisk
3 leeman russ demolishers
pask with plasma cannon
a couple other tanks.
A psycher, 3 units of troops and an assortment of foot models.

This game had the potential to be rough for me. He used the tallarn strat to outflank the three demolishers, and as he took "behind enemy lines" it was an easy 4 points for him there. I had to advance quickly on him or I was toast.
So I did. I was across the board turn 1 (I went first) and wiped all three vet squads from the table, put some wounds on some tanks, and waited for the return fire.
He went and dropped some venoms and 1 raider, but that was it.
My turn saw the incubi drop out, shooting destroyed two tanks and hand to hand saw the rest either die badly (whatever the incubi touched went away) or get tied up to prevent shooting.
His turn had his three tanks come in and drop a venom. I redeployed the Yncarne to where the venom dropped to keep 2 units in each quarter for my recon points.
My turn 3 saw all the tanks he deployed in the back wiped, and started dropping his tanks that outflanked.
By turn 5, it was all over.
DE victory

Ok that went well. Guard was never too much of an issue though, my next game was against
Imperial Fists.
His list was:
3 x scout squads
3x thunderfire
Chapter Master
3 x intecessors
Invictor Warsuit
5 centurians
2 x eliminator squads

I wont the roll to go first, so I deployed aggressively. I knew I had to remove the intecessors, 2 of which were his "engineers" for the ITC mission. The repulser scared me a bit as well.
I flew across the board, all three raiders dropping the repulser to just 4 wounds. Could not finish it off though! Poison shots were removing his snipers and some intecessors.

He went, dropped 4 venoms and a raider. Ouch. But that was pretty much it and now my units were within charge range.

So on my turn, I shot a lot off the board (stupid repulsor was still there with 1 wound remaining) and charged. Drazahar multi charged the captain and the chapter master, killing both. Incubi wiped tow thunderfires and an untouched intecessor squad off the table. Pretty much, it was a massacre.
By turn 4, we just talked the game through as he had enough.
Victory DE

Game three.
Now, as a disclaimer, I have been playing this game for a long time... like decades. NEVER before have I had such a bad first turn as I did against my next opponent. It was eye-opening!

Imperial Fists
tech marine
1 x infiltrators
2x intecessors
Primaris Ancient
Relic Whirlwind Scorpius
2x supressor squads
5x devestators
company champion
3x eliminator squads

So I lost the roll to go first. I dropped 2 raiders (including drazahar) in reserve. Everything else was deployed to avoid shots from all his army but the long range stuff.
Turns out, that is all he needed anyway.

So I had 8 venoms and 1 raider on the board.  After his 1st turn of shooting, He killed every last vehicle I had. EVERY SINGLE ONE. He dropped my troops WAY WAY back in my deployment zone.
It was beyond disheartening. It felt like I was trying to beat down a brick wall with a whiffle bat!
I almost just conceded right then, but it had pissed me off a bit that it was so easy for the imperial fists to do this without even breaking a sweat, so I was going to make him play it through, and I was going to get as many points as he could.
I ran all my troops up, and was able to hold two objectives to his 1. I had no shooting at all.
He had kill one, kill more, hold 1. I had hold one, hold more.
He had also maxed out his BGH.

turn 2 saw him start to wipe my eight squads on foot from the board, but here was the issue. It seems Imperial fists are AMAZING at removing vehicles. Not so much at removing troops on foot. He took out 4 of the eight.
My turn had all my stuff move up and hide as best as i could while still holding objectives. My two raiders dropped in and removed his thunderfire.  Blasters took out 3 devestators.

He had kill 1, kill more, hold 1.
I had hold 1, kill 1, hold more.

His turn three saw him remove one raider, but the other lived. My incubi on foot were close, as was my arcon, the Yncarne and some warriors. He had to spread his shooting around.

My turn 3 saw my incubi disembark, and I started charging.
Drazahar killed two characters again, incubi started ripping things apart, the Yncarne did as well.
I had hold 1, hold more, kill 1, kill more.
he had hold 1 and kill 1

Sadly, I had been decimated to get to him. We fought back and forth, and it was brutal. I was amazed at how I was able to fight back like I did. So was he.
In the end....


we freaking tied!

When eight venoms were dropped in my own deployment zone turn 1, if you told me I could tie this game i would have argued with you. But, i did.

So, because of the tie, I did not win this time.
So here is what I learned...

Drazahar will be in every list I make. He is a steal at 100 points. (remember we used to pay 97 for an arcon w/blaster.)
Ynarri Incubi are powerful. When used with unbind souls or the strat that does the same thing, it is a good chance that whatever they are hitting will die, if Drazahar is close by.
I like the Yncarne. He is just fun. Still a bit pricey.
Cat lady is Meh.

And the most important lesson...
Against some armies, this list is great. Against this last army, not so much. That being said, If i went first instead of second, i don't think I would have had an issue at all. So in a way, I am grateful it happened to me or I may never have known how deadly IF can be.

So back to tweaking my list...
looking at drazahar, 3 arcons, haemi, 9 talos, 7 venoms, 6 warriors.  that should do it.

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2K tournament, Tweaked my list, New ITC missions. VS. Guard/ IF and IF Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2K tournament, Tweaked my list, New ITC missions. VS. Guard/ IF and IF   2K tournament, Tweaked my list, New ITC missions. VS. Guard/ IF and IF I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 25 2020, 01:06

Is it ITC rules? Did you see the new rules updates? If not check them out.

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2K tournament, Tweaked my list, New ITC missions. VS. Guard/ IF and IF
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