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 Obsidian Rose Stratagem

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PostSubject: Obsidian Rose Stratagem   Obsidian Rose Stratagem I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 18 2020, 19:36

I have had success running an Obsidian Rose detachment and intentionally triggering Failure is Not an Option in the past. Specifically, taking large Kabalite blobs with 4 Blasters and triggering morale checks with a few tricks:

-Placing wounds on the Sybarite to drop the Ld of the unit when they die.
-Attempting to charge units at long distances, in the hope of taking Overwatch casualties and not successfully charging.
-Partially deploying outside of cover to lower saves, then remove the models outside of cover.

I'm looking for ways to successfully trigger morale failures. Ideally i would be able to trigger this strat in my turn, under more controlled circumstances than leaving it up to my opponent to not kill the whole unit, or worse, charge them. I don't expect this to be a strategy around which i would build entire army. But, getting a round of shooting in my opponent's turn has been crucial in a few games i and i am looking to find ways to exploit this strat.

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Obsidian Rose Stratagem
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