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 Dark Technomancer Tactics

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PostSubject: Dark Technomancer Tactics   Dark Technomancer Tactics I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 08 2020, 00:02

I've got a few questions for those running Dark Technomancer Coven lists:

1) With Experimental Creations now only working on melee attacks, which obsession do you take alongside Dark Technomancers?

2) What ranged weapons (if any) do you take on Wracks? Is double-liquifier gun worth it? Otherwise, Hexrife seems decent but do you take anything with it?

3) Do you use Venoms at all?

4) If you use Raiders, do you actually use them as transports or are they just taken as mini-Ravagers?

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Technomancer Tactics   Dark Technomancer Tactics I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 09 2020, 09:08

1) It really depends on your build. If you go Venom spam, MasterMutangens is the way to go. If you play on Talos I still like ExCreations because of that +1S. With more Wracks, DarkHarvest it's fine.

2) Ossefactors if I'm going to embark them. Otherwise..nothing. I'm not an huge fan of Hexrifles.

3) In a VenomSpam only. I have a list with 8 Venoms+3Ravagers+2Razors to try. All Venoms have DT+MM and 5 Wracks with Ossefactor embarked. All or nothing. Under 7 Venoms I would prefer cut them off and switch on Raiders.

4) When I play them, I use them with 3 Ravagers. That brings more threats on the table, where even if the Oppo needs to focus on Rava, 3/5 DT Raiders still a threat for him. Yes I embark something there (even Kabals are fine).

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Technomancer Tactics   Dark Technomancer Tactics I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 17 2020, 05:02

1) I'm still running experimental creations for the bonus to wracks. Dark harvest can be decent as well.

2) As Cerve said, Ossefactors. It is pretty awesome at dmg 2 in my opinion.

3) I've tried Venoms, but I feel that in the marine meta, they just don't have the durability (not that Raiders have much more lol). I run all Raiders.

4) I do use them as transports, because why not? They are a good way to get your obsec units onto an objective. Movement is just to enormous with them. A unit that normally moves 7" is now in a transport moving 14" and when they disembark, the get a 3" bonus to their movement.
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Technomancer Tactics   Dark Technomancer Tactics I_icon_minitime

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Dark Technomancer Tactics
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