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 What to do with spare incubi parts

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What to do with spare incubi parts Empty
PostSubject: What to do with spare incubi parts   What to do with spare incubi parts I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 30 2019, 01:36

just picked up the new incubi, its got lots of spares for customization and im not sure what to do with it all. i thought the klaives might be valuable on ebay as bits but i cant find any to gauge their worth, which means its probably very niche and not many people want them without the whole incubus.

thought about cutting them into ruined pieces and scattering them on drazhars base to give the impression he frak up some other incubi shortly before striking his dramatic pose , and they do look very nice next to the ruined aspect warrior shrine, but it almost feels like a waste......also thought of making a small incubus shrine using some of the spare pieces. i have a face mask, a chest and two klaives, enough to make some little altar i think, using the armor of some fallen but honored incubus.

any other ideas? so far i feel im wasting their potential and could be far more creative

the unhelmeted heads look very nice for archons and trueborn so i think ill save them
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What to do with spare incubi parts
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