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 List for Warhammer World GT in Feb

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List for Warhammer World GT in Feb Empty
PostSubject: List for Warhammer World GT in Feb   List for Warhammer World GT in Feb I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 19 2019, 14:38

Tournament will be only Eternal War missions from CA2019.

Largely inspired by Mark Cromblehome style list and taking advantage of Test of Skill planes, new Drazhar and Harlequins points drops.

2k points, 9CP

Prophets of Flesh Battalion
Haemonculus w/ EC Whip, Stinger Pistol and Vexator Mask
3 x 5 Wracks
2 x 7 Grotesques

Custom Wych Cult Airwing
Test of Skill, Berserk Fugue
2 x Razorwings w/ Dissies & TLSR
2 x Voidravens w/ DS & Missiles

Soaring Spite Vanguard
Shadowseer (Twilight Pathways, Shards of Light)
Deathjester (Warlord, Player of the Twilight)
Solitaire (Rose)
6 x Skyweavers w/ Haywire & Glaives

Any thoughts on the list would be much appreciated.

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List for Warhammer World GT in Feb Empty
PostSubject: Re: List for Warhammer World GT in Feb   List for Warhammer World GT in Feb I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 20 2019, 11:25

I think is a good list, but you may struggle a little with board control, as once the Grots will be gone you won't have anything to reasonably hold objectives. I'm putting a few ideas below:

- You should have at least one 10 man wrack unit, to properly use black cornucopias
- I would always suggest to have one skyweaver with bolas in each unit. It saves point, it can be the first to die and can be surprisingly useful against marines
- You may want to consider including Yvraine (on top of the shadowseer), as between casting on 7 and being alone, the shadowseer could be denied quite easily by many armies.
- You may want to consider a second haemonculus, to be able to send the two units of grots in different directions but still keep the +1T
- Not a fan on deathjesters, but that's very personal.

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List for Warhammer World GT in Feb RHzODae
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List for Warhammer World GT in Feb
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