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 2k Doubles Tournament

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PostSubject: 2k Doubles Tournament   2k Doubles Tournament I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 14 2019, 04:25

So, i have a 1K each doubles tournament on Sunday and wanted to try to fit in some ynnari into my dark eldar forces.  The organizer said that we wouldn't be using any rules out after December 1st so chapter approved isn't in effect.  These are the two lists:

List 1:
(airwing - black heart)
- 3x razorwings with disintegrators & splinter rifles

(spearhead - custom dark tech & experimental creations)
- haemonculus with hexrifle & agonizer - master nemesis & nightmare doll
-3x cronos with 2 spirit vortex
-2x reapers

List 2:
(spearhead - black heart)
-Archon with venomblade - extra relic writ of the living muse
-3x disintegrator ravagers

(Ynnari battalion - aeldari)
-Autarch skyrunner - banshee mask, avenger catapult, laser lance, corag hais locket, lord of rebirth (warlord)
-wraithseer - shuriken cannon, extra relic lost shroud
2x5 rangers
9x dire avengers

Both lists end up at 999 pts.  I really have wanted to try out ynnari since i got the pheonix rising book and i think both the wraithseer and the autarch are very points efficient given what they do. In the practice games i regularly got the autarch up to 10 attacks each with the locket and the wraithseer has not been killed yet given his half damage, 5++ and 5+++ and yvrains ability to heal d3 wounds on him each turn.  

I have found the cronos hugely effective for their points, last game a full health redemptor dread charged the squad and died to overwatch.  And their average damage to an imperial knight in shooting is 9 wounds which isn't bad given their weapons are S3.

The reapers are also pretty effective given that they wound anything T7 or less on 2+ and do d6+1 wounds to the target with D6 shots (I always save some cps to reroll this since I hate relying on variable dice rolls like this)

Overall, i am short on cps, but I felt that I would need to drop one of my bigger threats if i wanted to try to fit in another battalion and I just didn't feel like the pay back was there.

Any advice on list tweaks or how it might fair against common armies right now?  I only attend 1 or 2 tournaments a year so don't really keep up on what the meta lists are right now.
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2k Doubles Tournament
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