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 Advice Moving Forward

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PostSubject: Advice Moving Forward    Advice Moving Forward  I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 03 2019, 16:06

So I usually go all in when I buy armies because I love the projects just finishing my Fyrelayers for sigmar and Now I am finally getting to Drukhari and I am super hyped because Ive been reading all the lore and I just love the look of the models. I have pre ordered 2 Christmas battle forces, 1 start collecting and 2 extra venoms and ravagers. For my next purchase I am thinking about getting between 2-4 Raiders and another 10 wytchs. What would be your suggestions for me moving forward How many raiders, wytchs or what other stuff should I get, I am also looking at maybe 10 mandrakes.
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PostSubject: Re: Advice Moving Forward    Advice Moving Forward  I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 03 2019, 19:31

You have to consider that we technically have 3 separate armies within our codex so for the kabal you have plenty with just the Christmas boxes and a decent start to a wych army, the start collecting will add more to the wyches, so to get a starting army there it would just be another 2 wych boxes and a succubus and you have a decent wych army, as for he two talos, (if you are interested in using it) a third talos and then basically 3-6 boxes of wracks (3 for 3 5 man units and 6 for 3 10 man units) 2 haemonculus and probably 6-10 Grotesque and that would be a decent coven army (this includes the raiders you already plan on buying) and the mandrake can be used in all three armies, I would also maybe consider 5-10 Scourge, just for the added special weapons choices they bring, and like mandrakes can be taken in all armies without penalty, and with a few 3 more venoms you could make a decent flotilla army that uses 6 5 man squads to fill the venoms, both razor wings (possibly a void raven bomber at some point) and the HQ's on foot with deep striking scourge and mandrakes then filling it out (if points allow) with the ravagers
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Advice Moving Forward
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