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 ITC Tournament in Argentina.

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ITC  Tournament in Argentina. Empty
PostSubject: ITC Tournament in Argentina.   ITC  Tournament in Argentina. I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 22 2019, 19:26

I had my first ITC tournament in Argentina and my 2nd tournament with drukharis. I went with the following list.

Coven custom Battalion dark techomancers-obsesive colectors.
Hemounculus-hexrifle-master artisan

5 wraks-hexrifle
5 wraks-hexrifle
5 wraks

2 talos hayware blaster
1 talos hayware blaster
1 talos hayware blaster

3x venons with spliter canon.

Black heart-Battalion
archont-agonizer -warlord Writ of the Living Muse,Laberint Cunning.
Archont-Huskblade helm of spite

5 kabalites
5 kabalites
5 kabalite

3x ravagers with disintegrators

Round 1 vs Necrons
Mision Seize Ground
Type of Deploy the first of rulebook.

Deploy in this mission trying to cover any gaps where you could teleport units during turn 1, from secondary missions chose Recoon, Engeniers and Marked for Death (two Doomsday Arks, a unit of specters and the overlord in charriot). I had the initiative of the game, but my rival used the Deceiver's ability to redeploy 3 units in a hole in my deployment zone. I had Behind the enemy lines. I started my first turn firing the fire of my ravagers and venons of the coven on the spectra unit, absorbed a lot of fire, with the hexrifles I destroyed a cripteck. My talos split two awaited the Ctans in my deployment zone, the other two advanced towards the Doomsday, one of my veins advanced towards the enemy deployment zone by another flank, followed by a unit of wraks. Damage an Ark that left 5 wounds. I charge with a squad of wraks and a talos at 2 ctans that were locked for several turns in combat. The battle was going in my favor, the coffers could not destroy the talos, my units of wraks and talos were healed by killing enemy units. The Ctan were a nuisance, in the end I annihilated the necron army, staying alive 2 ravagers, an archon, 5 kabalites, a venon and a talos. Win 23 to 17.

Round 2
Control de Nexus
Deploy 6 Vanguard Assault vs Drukhari.

A extrange Drukhari list for my rival:
3 razorwings of the black heart kabal ,a battalion of flayed skull with 2 dark lance/raiders ,2 ravagers ,3 warrior skuads with blasters ,archons and outrider of harlequins 3 squads 3 bikes and troupe master. I deploy my army in formation ,coven troops in the front of my deploy zone ,ravagers behind.  

My opponent advanced with everything and tried to have him in line to shoot me, he destroyed two of my venons, but I failed to destroy my ravagers, my talos and wraks were not damaged. I started to move forward and take control of the table, concentrate my shots on one of the planes destroying it, another was left on 1 wound. Start controlling more targets and killing more enemies. My wraks and talos carried the skyweavers. The game was swiftly in my favor, by destroying the planes, the ravers of my enemy were not effective against my units for not repeating the 1 for wound. I destroyed all the harlequin detachment, the one with the black heart and only one raider and a ravager and some troops survived from my rival. It was not a difficult game. I won by 26 to 14 I think I remember.

Round 3 Vs Orks
Mission 3: Nexus Control
This game was against a friend, we had played during the week before the tournament, I could not in any occasion against his list. It was a difficult game. His list had 3 planes, several vehicles, boys and the Vigilus relic weapon. Elegi High School, Reaper, Big Game Hunter, and Recoon. My first turn was horrendous, I deploy far behind and I had some spins to hurt very badly. I could only control, on his first turn I teleported a squad of boys behind my lines, that boys unit was neutralized by my wraks. Cargo with his truck which survived the talos and was very damaged. In the following shifts concentrate fire on your boys and 3 planes destroying two. His Mek's weapon in one turn destroyed a unit of talos, spend my Vect Agents on it not firing twice. I destroyed several vehicles, but my talos failed a load, as did one of my archons. Kill the Mek with the Hexrifles. At the end of the game I end with an ork victory of 26 to 21.

Final Round vs Ultramarines with Smurft Daddy Guilliman.
Mision 4 Precious Cargo                                                                                                                    This game I chose from secondary schools, recon, mark for death and engeniers. Deploys away from the firepower of my enemy centered on the repulsor and hellblasters. My enemy as I had the advantage of starting the game very aggressively deployed, which played against him because he stole the initiative, started advancing, taking goals, in the first turn he swept the hellblasters, in the second he destroyed the repulsor and several Marine characters that loaded, then destroyed a unit of 10 intercessors. Roboute charge one of my talos destroying it. He returned to fight against a wraks bowl that controlled a target, but one of the wraks survived saving ++ 5s. Concentrate all my firepower on the primarch, who died. My opponent tried to revive him, failing but using a re-roll that I denied with Agents of Vect. Final Victoria Drukhari 33 to 11.

Dark Techomancers it is amazing, the damage of the hayware blasters and hex rifles is brutal. Obsesive Colectors, it was very useful. Using the charges well to kill models and healing my coven units. Finish the 5th tournament 2 points from 3rd place and 3 points from 2nd place.
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ITC Tournament in Argentina.
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