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PostSubject: New Player Help   New Player Help I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 20 2019, 14:32

I just Purchased
4 Raiders
7 Venoms
30 Kal Warriors
3 Archons
2 ravagers

What list would you suggest i take with this for 2k as well as what should I buy next to help out with the list.
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PostSubject: Re: New Player Help   New Player Help I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 20 2019, 16:24

Just do a Black Heart or Flawed Skull Battalion

Archon - Blaster, PGL
Archon - Blaster, PGL
Kabal x5 - weapon (shredder or blaster)
Kabal x5 - weapon
Kabal x5 - weapon
Kabal x5 - weapon
Kabal x5 - weapon
Kabal x5 - weapon
Ravager 3x DC
Ravager 3x DC
Voidbomber - missiles
4x Raiders with DC
7x Venoms with 2x SC

Even with the 2x Splinter cannons on the venoms you still are only at 1750pts, you need 250pts more, i would get 1 more flyer and something else like another Venom or Raider. If you get a 3rd Ravager you cant fit it into 1 battalion BUT you can get 1 more Archon and do a Spearhead of 1 Archon + 3 Ravagers with your Battalion giving you +1CP and now you can have 2 traits if you wanted.

Black Heart is in general a bit better for all purpose, Flawed Skull will ignore cover and give you better movement, but also some minor re-rolls. BH will give a better Re-roll aura for your vehicles, better CP management and vehicles with a 6+++. Ignoring +1 save tho can be very good, so pick what your area has more of.

You want the Kabals in 5mans mostly to have extra units to jump around. Start with the 2 Archons in the Raiders with a 5man Kabal unit in each, this way if the raider dies you have wounds so if you roll a 1 your archon doesnt die. Also it lowers your drops (2 units in 1 vehicle). If you do make 10mans of kabals you wont have enough units to take all your transports.

You want Dis Cannons on everything, they are amazing, if you are ok with magnetics go ahead and do that (they might go up in price, or lances might go down in price, so you might want to change later).

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New Player Help
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