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 new player to 8th ed

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PostSubject: new player to 8th ed   new player to 8th ed I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 27 2019, 13:37

Hello all, im sorry if this topic has been on. but i havent played warhammer or really been into since 3rd ed! many moons ago. and ive recently come back into with help of a friend and ive had an eye on DE/Drukhari whatever you wanna call them these days mainly because they just look badass and sound it too!
i have a few models and the codex, but my question is, what would make for a good list. i understand they aren't very durable but if used right can be quite fun and cause a lot of hassle for the other player.

Many thanks for your help in advance
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PostSubject: Re: new player to 8th ed   new player to 8th ed I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 27 2019, 15:31

Keep your eye on the new (to 8th) and pretty unique restrictions we have on army builds. Every detachment must be pure in one of the three Obsessions: Kabal, Coven, or Cult
Kabal are the kabalites and archons, Ravagers, etc.
Coven are wracks, Haemonculi, Talos, etc.
Cults are wyches, succubi, reavers, etc.

All three are pretty viable and competitive. Just be sure you're focused enough on one of the three up front to get a real, playable detachment before fleshing out any of the other. Because you can play several detachments in the same army, but they each have to be fully legal.

Then, to your real question: Once you know which of the three paths appeal to you most, it would be easier to help advise you on what models and units make a good list. Though, if you look at what's viable in the Obsession of your choice, the answer is usually: get three of everything and then two more Raiders.
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new player to 8th ed
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