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 2k Dark Eldar/Harlequins assault heavy list.

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2k Dark Eldar/Harlequins assault heavy list. Empty
PostSubject: 2k Dark Eldar/Harlequins assault heavy list.   2k Dark Eldar/Harlequins assault heavy list. I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 29 2019, 18:59

Before I share the list allow me to share my goals and how I plan to annihilate lesser races. I do NOT plan to bring AP-0 weapons in bulk, but I will have some. Can't let monsters get too comfortable. I want AP-1 or better on MOST weapons. NO 2+ ARMOR SAVES! I want to make a list where the last man standing is an absolute KILLER! I want a couple horde tools. I want synergies, deadly combos, and multiple problems for my opponents to solve, forcing a LOT of bad decisions and no win situations on them. I think I've done that.

Here are the keys to success:
Not going too expensive on upgrades. (2 tops)
Volume of attacks.
Beat sticks (no useless characters)
More than one solution to (almost) any problem.

Harlequin allies (Batallion)

Shadowseer Suit of hidden knives, FoD, VoT
Troupe Master (Fusion pistol) Starmist Rainment
3x5 troupes 2x caress 1x fusion pistol (Silent shroud for silken knife strategm)
Death jester (Dreaming shadow an example made strat)
3x starweavers

Dark Eldar (Batallion)
Archon venom blade soul seeker Lab Cunning
Heamonculus stinger pistol electro whip vex mask diabolical soothsayer (PoF)
1x5 warriors in venom (black heart)
5 wyches blast pistol PGL (+2 ld)
5x wyches blast pistol agonizer. (+2 move)
1x Cronos engine w/spirit probe
1x Dark Creed raider w/dissi and PGL
2x BH raider w/dissi

Dark Eldar (Batallion)
Cult of strife
Succi Agonizer Archite Glave Blast pistol (+1 ws)
Succi tri whip blood dancer. (+1 attack)
5 wyches Shardnet Impaler blast pistol (+1 s)
5 wyches Agonizer blast pistol (+1 attack)
5 wyches agonizer blast pistol (+1 T)
1 razorwing stock.

I have a variety of weapons and strats that should kill nearly anything.

Whatchya think?

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2k Dark Eldar/Harlequins assault heavy list.
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