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 2k Comp Update

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PostSubject: 2k Comp Update   2k Comp Update I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 20 2019, 16:57

So I ran this this past weekend against 3 opponents. I won all 3 games against CSM Machines (3 Spiders, 3 Maulers, 3 DeroDeros, 1 Contemptor, 3 Lords on rides), Tau Gunline, and IG + Castellan

Cursed Blade Battallion

Succubus, Blast Pistol
Succubus, Blast Pistol
x5 Wyches
x20 Wyches, Power Sword, x2 Shardnets
x20 Wyches, Power Sword, x2 Shardnets

Black Heart Battallion

Archon, Agonizer, Blaster, Muse, PGL
Archon, Huskblade, Blaster, PGL
x5 Warriors, Blaster
x5 Warriors, Blaster
x5 Warriors, Blaster
Ravager, x3 Dessies
Ravager, x3 Dessies
Ravager, x3 Dessies
Venom, x2 SC
Venom, x2 SC
Venom, x2 SC

Prophets of Flesh Vanguard

Haemonculus, Whip, Vexator, Diabolical Soothsayer
x7 Grotesques
x5 Mandrakes
x10 Mandrakes

Against the CSM list it was a bloody fight from T1. There were 4 objectives in the middle of each table quarter with corner deployment. He seized on me and proceeded to kill half of a wych squad from shooting then was able to make a charge with a lord and Mauler into that squad and finish them off. I retaliated with my own charges and was able to down a Mauler, a Lord, and wound some other machines. It was bloody but I pulled it 30-18.

Against Tau, there were 6 objectives with Dawn of War deployment. I went first and ran and shot what I could. He used his T1 to try and kill all of the Grotesques but left 2 of them alive and a whole squad of 20 wyches. Dropped in a squad of Wyches via WWP T2 and made the charge! I was able to play cleanup from T3 on. I won 32-14

Against IG, there were 3 middle objectives with Hammer and Anvil Deployment. He would kill all of my Grotesques T1 but I would WWP in both Wych squads T2 along with the mandrakes. 1 squad of wyches and the 10 man Mandrakes made charges after shooting and mopped up a ton of infantry! The Castellan would keep shooting and decimating things but I had a lot of targets and by T3 I downed him through sheer weight of fire and lots of CC attacks. I would win 28-22.

Thoughts on the list:
I was thinking of adding in a squad of Scourge with either Haywire or Shredders. I would need to drop the 10 mandrakes to 5 and lose a Wych from each squad but it may have some merit. Thoughts?
The large Wych squads running and having the ability to WWP has been fantastic. The Grotesques have been great bullet magnets and eat them up really good. Really the star of the show has been the Wyches and Mandrakes. i love the versatility of the Mandrakes with the shooting and CC capabilities. I want to put more in, but I am pretty barebones with things as it is.

Let me know what you all think! Thanks for reading!
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2k Comp Update
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