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 Triple battalion for 2k points.

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Triple battalion for 2k points. Empty
PostSubject: Triple battalion for 2k points.   Triple battalion for 2k points. I_icon_minitimeSat May 25 2019, 14:39

I'd like to hear any and all feedback, positive or otherwise. Questions of course welcomed, and I'm aware this list probably isn't super competitive, but I've tried taking competitive lists into consideration so that this has an answer.

Kabal of the 'black heart'


  • Archon with Agoniser, Splinter Pistol, the Writ of the Living Muse artefact, and the Labyrinthine Cunning warlord trait
  • Archon with Huskblade and Splinter Pistol


  • 3x 5 Kabalite Warriors with a Blaster

Dedicated Transports:

  • 3x Venoms with double Splinter Cannons

Heavy Support:

  • 2x Disintegrater Ravagers [one with a shock prow due to a spare point]

Cult of the 'cursed blade'


  • Succubus with Shardnet and Impaler, the Traitor's Embrace artefact, and the Treacherous Deciever warlord trait
  • Succubus with Archite Glaive and Splinter Pistol


  • 3x 20 Wyches with 2x Hydra Gauntlets and a Shardnet and Imapaler

'Prophets of Flesh' Haemonculus Coven


  • Haemonculus with Hex Rifle, Electrocorrosive Whip and the Diabolical soothsayer Warlord trait.
  • Haemonculus with Hex Rifle and Electrocorrosive Whip


  • 3x 5 Wracks with Ossefactor where the Acothyst has a Hex Rifle

Blades For Hire

Fast Attack:

  • 3x 5 Scourges with 4 haywire blasters

Pre-battle stratagems:
Alliance of agony[1CP], Prizes from the dark city[1-3CP], and webway portal[1-3CP]
This leaves you with 13+d3 CP assuming you put two units of wyches in the webaway, and only take one relic, as I know some people swear by the vexator mask and wanted to leave room for it.

General Strategy:
The general idea is to hold your backline, either for screening or objectives, with your coven units who can deal steady ranged damage, and hold two units of wyches in deepstrike with the agressive combat drugs [+1 strength and attack respectively] and march one down the board with +1 toughness with a liberal dash of Lightning-Fast Reactions if it's needed. I would advise re-rolling any dice less than a five for the 9" charge, using a CP if necessary.
The succubus 'warlord' wants to charge into special characters, knights, anything heavy duty like custodes or any death star really, and deal all of the mortal wounds. I would lean for the +2 movement drug so that she can more easily find her satisfying demise.
The kabal just does Kabal things, and the Scourge are there to threaten vehicles, and failing that they suit a niche in that poison is awful against toughness 3, as d3 s4 ap-1 shots can do a fair amount against infantry, it's probably not as points effective, but I think it's nice to have an alternative to poison.


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Triple battalion for 2k points.
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