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 United in Death Ynnari 2k

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United in Death Ynnari 2k Empty
PostSubject: United in Death Ynnari 2k   United in Death Ynnari 2k I_icon_minitimeSat May 18 2019, 01:41

I had mentioned this list in the ynnari thread earlier, but since I've updated it a bit and plan to take it to a buddy's place this weekend I figured I'd throw it up here.

Reborn Drukhari Battalion
succubus - shardnet - +2m
2x5 wyches - shardnet -+1s, +1a
5 kabalites
2 venoms - cannon, twin rifle

Reborn Harlequins Battalion
Troupe master - power sword, fusion pistol
3x5 troupes - 3x kiss, 3x fusion pistol
2 starweavers, dual shuriken

Reborn Asuryani Supreme command
Warlock - witchblade
Autarch Skyrunner - Twin shuriken catapult, laser lance, reaper launcher, shuriken pistol, banshee mask
5 wraithblades - ghost swords
Wave serpent - twin shuriken cannon, twin shuriken catapult, vectored engines

2000 points, 14cp
Autarch is warlord with walker of many paths and corai hai's locket
Troupe master spends 2cp for warden of souls and the hungering blade

game plan is to start everything in transports, with the kabs hiding in the backfield and the extra quins squad in reserves. Succubus tends to sit midfield and be untargetable, yncarne sits between the transports giving them it's bubble.

I've had some promising preliminary success with the autarch and the troupe master. I've yet to use the wraithblades but I want to use united in death and see what 25 attacks hitting on 2s rerolling hits and wounds at s6 ap-3 looks like. Also wave serpents looks pretty good with a 5++. The wriathblades in that transport will hopefully be the surprisingly resilient anchor in an otherwise very frail list.

I know it's 900 points of characters and 500 points of transports. It's not the most beatstick competitive list and I don't aim for it to be. I just want to see how the ynnari characters perform, and use the wraithblades I just bought.

I'll likely be facing in your face GSC, or some mix of gunline Emperor's children with slaanesh daemons.
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United in Death Ynnari 2k Empty
PostSubject: Re: United in Death Ynnari 2k   United in Death Ynnari 2k I_icon_minitimeSun May 19 2019, 18:38

the visarch is better in reborn harlequins for the 1s repetition ,troupe masters only aport to repeat wounds.

The 5 five wytches squads are all awful the most of the time die in the defensive fire of the enemy. Is better a boom of 15 witches
because they take advantage for the stratagemns like united by dead.

Harlequins the same need a starweaver.

Ynnari need a fire support to activate the streagh for dead. Someting like 3 ravagers a batallion of craftworlds with units
like multilaser jetbikes ,dark reapers.
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United in Death Ynnari 2k
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