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 DE + Ynnari Eldar (2000pts)

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DE + Ynnari Eldar (2000pts) Empty
PostSubject: DE + Ynnari Eldar (2000pts)   DE + Ynnari Eldar (2000pts) I_icon_minitimeSun May 12 2019, 21:03

Had a go at making a Ynnead list:

Poison Tongue Battalion
Archon (Huskblade, Splinter Pistol, Djin Blade) - 76
Archon (Venom Blade, Splinter Pistol) - 72
5 Warriors (Blaster) - 47
5 Warriors (Blaster) - 47
5 Warriors (Blaster) - 47
5 Warriors (Blaster) - 47
Ravager (3x Disintegrator) - 125
Razorwing Jetfighter (2x Disintegrator, Twin Splinter Rifle) - 135
Venom (Twin Splinter Rifle) - 65 (Warriors)
Venom (Twin Splinter Rifle) - 65 (Warriors)
Venom (Twin Splinter Rifle) - 65 (Warriors)
Venom (Twin Splinter Rifle) - 65 (Warriors)
Venom (Twin Splinter Rifle) - 65 (Archons)

Ynnari Eldar Battalion
Farseer (Witchblade, Word of the Phoenix, Gaze of Ynnead) - 110 Warlord - Lord of Rebirth
Autarch Skyrunner (Laser Lance, Reaper Launcher, Banshee Mask, Corag Hai's Locket) - 127 (Exalted of Ynnead - Walker of Many Paths)
The Yncarne (Ancestor's Grace, [Shield or Unbind]) - 337
5 Dire Avengers - 55
5 Dire Avengers - 55
5 Dire Avengers - 55
5 Dark Reapers (Exarch with Reaper Launcher) - 170
5 Dark Reapers (Exarch with Reaper Launcher) - 170

2000pts, 11 CPs (After Relics/Strats)

Basically just trying out some Ynnari stuff.

The Autarch is based on a suggestion by amishprn86 (using the Reaper Launcher to rack up kills and fuel the Locket for extra movement and attacks), which seemed like a fun and potentially effective combination.

Likewise, I wanted to try out the Yncarne. I've heard mixed things about him but I thought it could be fun to have a pseudo Daemon Prince. I thought he should have Ancestor's Grace as a potential self-buff but wasn't sure what to give him as a second power.

Farseer is because I had a suitable model and wanted to test out some more of the Ynnari powers (He'll probably stay back and revive the Reapers with Word of the Phoenix). Thing is, I also want to try out a Swooping Hawk Autarch with the Hungering Blade (and probably a Reaper Launcher). Do you think that might be a better choice in this list?

Dire Avengers are there just to make up a Battalion. Hopefully between those and the Warriors/Venoms the Yncarne will end up with plenty of options as far as teleporting goes.

This would be my first attempt at Eldar or Ynnari, so any advice would be most welcome.

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DE + Ynnari Eldar (2000pts)
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