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 2k Tournament List

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PostSubject: 2k Tournament List   2k Tournament List I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 03 2019, 17:42

So I'm a new player playing DE and had some questions about my list and how to soup appropriately for tournaments. I've looked at Eldar and Ynnari mixes but I'm not sure what would be good to take. My current list is as follows that I'm also working on tweaking. Read this list with the knowledge that my local meta consists of mostly Knights, Guard soup, and horde. Open for criticism and comments Smile

- 1997pts, 9CP, 107PL-

--Battalion: Flayed Skull

HQ: 2x Archon w/ Splinter pistol & Venom blade


6x Kabalite 5 man squads w/blaster

Dedicated Transport:

6x Venom w/ double splinter cannon

--Spearhead: Black Heart

HQ: Archon w/ Huskblade & splinter pistol
      Warlord: Writ of Living Muse; Labyrinthine Cunning

Heavy Support:

3x Ravager w/ 3x dark lances


2x Razorwing w/ 2x dark lances, twin splinter rifle

--Outrider: Red Grief

HQ: Succubus w/ archite glaive & splinter pistol

Fast Attack:

3x Reaver 4 man squads w/ grav-talon, heatlance
 Arena Champion: Power sword
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2k Tournament List
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