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 Planning 2000pts and allies

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PostSubject: Planning 2000pts and allies   Planning 2000pts and allies I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 15 2019, 18:56

Hey everyone, just recently got back into the game and looking to construct a 2000pt list to build towards. I've built a Kabal/Cult core I quite like and would love some C&C on. Current debate is whether to then add either a Coven or Harlequin detachment, opting for more speed and a psyker or some tough frontliners.

LIST CORE (same for both lists)

-- Kabal of the Black Heart (Patrol, 1102pts) --
Archon - Huskblade, Blaster, Writ of the Lviing Muse, Labyrinthine Cunning
4x Kabalitesx5 - PGL, Blaster
3x Ravager - Disintegrator Cannon x3
4x Venom - Splinter Cannon, TL Splinter Rifle (transports kabalites)
2x Raider - Disintegrator Cannon, Shock Prow (transports the cult)

-- Cult of Strife (Battalion, 341pts) --
Lelith Hesperax - Penetrating blades x2, Phial Bouquet, Blood Dancer
Succubus - Archite Glaive, Blast Pistol
Wychesx8 - Agoniser, Blast Pistol, Shardnet and Impaler
2x Wychesx5 -Agoniser, Blast Pistol, Shardnet and Impaler

LIST 1 (adds following to the above core, totals 1978pts)
-- Prophets of Flesh (Spearhead, 535pts) --
Haemonculus - Stinger Pistol, Haemonculus Tools, Diabolical Soothsayer
Talosx2 - Stinger Pods, Macro Scalpels, Chain Flails
Talosx2 - Haywire Blasters, Macro Scalpels, Chain Flails
Cronos - Spirit Leech Tentacles, Spirit Syphon, Spirit Probe

LIST 2 (adds following to the above core, totals 1972pts)
Archon - Huskblade, blaster. Makes Kabal of the Black Heart into a Battalion.

-- Masque of the Veiled Path (Outrider, 441pts) --
Shadowseer - Neurodisruptor, Twilight Pathways, Mirror of Minds
3x Skyweaversx2 - Zephyrglaives x2, Haywire Cannon x2
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PostSubject: Re: Planning 2000pts and allies   Planning 2000pts and allies I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 17 2019, 04:46

You're one archon short of a Kabal battalion, and that's a difference of 5 CPs. That would be my first tweak.

Getting the points for him shouldn't be too hard. Given that you're all in on harlequin jetbikes, I don't know that Veiled Path compliments them well. They're certainly capable in close combat, but they're primary roll is popping vehicles--preferably with little return damage until all vehicles are neutralized. Every turn you spend not getting attacked in close combat, is a turn of wasted Veiled Path. I'd stick to Soaring Spite so you can move 22" a turn and fire and charge at full efficacy. Keep them alive by picking their battles and finishing off wounded and isolated squads.

Doing this would make your Shadowseer's Twilight Pathways somewhat redundant. And frankly, Mirror of Minds just isn't very good. Too random. Shadowseers really compliment infantry blocks, they just don't do a lot for bikes.

I'd say drop him for a Soaring Spite Troupe Master. It frees up 40 points. Here's the cool thing about Soaring Spite units: they don't have to be embarked on Soaring Spite transports to use their masque form, just flying ones Wink

To get the remainder of the points, you could drop 1 warrior squad. You'd still have 6 troops choices, and it would open up a transport to stash your archon and troupe master if you want to minimize drops during deployment. From there you can keep the clump of HQs aboard, or use it as the Troupe Master's own personal fusion delivery chariot! Just remember that if you advance with the venom to get into prime melta range, you won't be able to fire the rapid fire weapons.

I personally think haywire bikes are better right now than haemonculus stuff just with knights and such. But the Haemonculus wing is very solid too. I prefer haywire over stinger pods all the time (again, knights) though.

Good luck with it!
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PostSubject: Re: Planning 2000pts and allies   Planning 2000pts and allies I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 17 2019, 06:05

I agree with a lot of what sekac says here, and definitely getting another battalion out of that kabal is the right move. While I love what harlie bikes do, I feel the core of your list lacks some kind of bullet sponge, and I feel the covens will be great for that. The small bike squads means you don't get much mileage out of prismatic blur, and the rest of the list is t4/5, meaning if you're facing a decent amount of shooting your raiders and a unit or two of bikes will disappear turn one. The coven units are must deal with units because once they hit the lines, they mow things down, and t7 is very nice.

Last, you should make an archon the warlord for the alliance of agony strat, and with a PoF haemy it's essentially free.

Oh and lelith can't have a relic since she's a named character.

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PostSubject: Re: Planning 2000pts and allies   Planning 2000pts and allies I_icon_minitime

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Planning 2000pts and allies
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