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 Alliance between Necrons and Drukhari

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Rodi Sikni
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Rodi Sikni

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Alliance between Necrons and Drukhari Empty
PostSubject: Alliance between Necrons and Drukhari   Alliance between Necrons and Drukhari I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 25 2019, 21:31

The story says that long, long ago, the Necrontyr race and the Eldar were fierce enemies, but a lot has changed since then.
So now, with the current fluff, don't you think that they could be a win - win for both of them be allies? Please, correct me if i'm wrong, but i think that this are the current motivations for them:

- find an organic species whose bodies would prove to be suitable vessels for Necron minds
- awake their empire to conquer the galaxy
- Stop the tyranid invasion
- Stop the chaos advance

- To have fun
- Shield the webway from the current chaos incursions
- gain absolute control of the webway
- Stop the influence of slaanesh

It's too crazy think about an alliance between then sustainted in the exchange of bodies created by the haemonculus for be vessels of the Necrons minds in return of black stone tecnology?
The Drukhari and Necrons doesn't compete for the same territory (in theory and at lest nowdays), the Drukhari can't cause pain to Necrons, and they share enemies.

I'm not talking about be BFF, but an alliance Vect - Silent King could be amazing and give a push up to the importance of both factions on the current fluff.
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Alliance between Necrons and Drukhari Empty
PostSubject: Re: Alliance between Necrons and Drukhari   Alliance between Necrons and Drukhari I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 28 2019, 00:29

I disagree on a fundamental level with the idea of this. (I will curse Matt Ward to the end of time for the Newcrons but that is another story).  A few points that I believe would prevent this;

True-kin are exceedingly arrogant and believe ourselves to be the masters of the galaxy despite the destruction of our Empire and the current hard times of our situation. The idea of an alliance with the Necrons would be entirely at odds with this philosophy. The True-kin do not care for who rules realspace and it is entire against our interests to have the Newcrons rule the galaxy, why should we help them when their battles against the other races provide ideal distractions for raids and campaigns of our own. We can already take advantage of the Newcron attacks without the need for an alliance.

The True-kin are deeply untrustworthy and why would any Archon ever put their forces at risk to aid an Ally in a battle that gains them nothing?

The dysfunctional and anarchic nature of the dark City itself. The kabals are not unified under Vect and cannot be ordered to conform to an alliance in the same way that a functional military could.

What would be the military advantage for the Newcrons? As the situation currently stands the raiding of the True-kin would not affect them in the slightest, they are not viable prey for us and provide nothing we desire hence we would rarely be in conflict over anything so there is nothing they would gain from an alliance.

Just a few thoughts off the top of my head but feel free to disagree with me on any of them.
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Alliance between Necrons and Drukhari
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