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 Rebuilding my Wych Army

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PostSubject: Rebuilding my Wych Army   Rebuilding my Wych Army I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 15 2019, 19:00

Hey all,

I took my wych/harlequins to LVO with plays to experiment in the sunday events. I hadn't played either of these factions in a while and thought I'd start experimenting.  Anyway, some jerk stole them all right out of my car.  As a way to say f-u to that, I am planning on re-building my wych army from scratch. It's a great opportunity to start a new color scheme and really focus on the faction.

I'd love to get people's thoughts on my ideas relating to the strength of wychs.  Strengths: 1. They can do hordes.  Whether in blobs of 20, packed into fleets of raiders, or in mobs of venoms, for what they do, they're pretty cheap. 2. They are the ultimate blocking unit. They tar pit, their raiders have a huge footprint, and you can't fall back from them. Played right, it seems they can create strategic barriers on the board. 3. They are a good way around Tau/looter overwatch...  Stay with me here.  If you rush the right point in the fortress tau gunline with a horde of wyches in raiders, send in the raiders first to soak the overwatch, your wyches will make it into CC. Is this even a thing?  I don't know that these are good or real strengths...  I am theorizing that they are.  I'd love to know people's thoughts.

Anyway, I'm planning on running four squads of nine in raiders. I am planning running Red Grief (because of the movement/double fight opportunities).  I am planning on bringing enough bikes/ beastmasters etc so I can double my +1A and +1Str drugs on the squads. I am also planning on bringing agonizers/power swords and blast pistols on the squad leaders (is this a good idea?). I will probably back up the wych detachment with Harlequin bikes or the Ravager Trio.  Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks. RB
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PostSubject: Re: Rebuilding my Wych Army   Rebuilding my Wych Army I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 15 2019, 21:18

That really sucks, did you talk to someone about them being stolen?

I personally like themed armies, i dont like to just do "colors" If i were to do all wyches, i would do something that symbolized that.

My DE Kabal/Wych is Mad max, my Harlequins is Poker, my Chaos were Molten, my Beastmen are Ice.

If i had to start over for DE and wanted mostly Wyches, i would want to theme them as either fast, or aerna/gladiator like, poison melee, BDSM, Dark gory, some things that come to my mind are.

- Roller derby
- Jet Set Radio theme (What Lucio is theme on too)
- Bright poison on weapons and vile's with poison plashing everywhere, bright greens, yellows, oranges, red's
- Pure black leather (blue/white highlights) with zippers, cuts/blood all over

So really think about what you want, i sold my 280 model count Beastmen army years ago, i thought their colors (brown..) was boring, and when i picked them up again with the release of their new battle tome, i got to pick a new theme and its so much more fun building/painting and playing with them.

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PostSubject: Re: Rebuilding my Wych Army   Rebuilding my Wych Army I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 16 2019, 05:34

If I was to build a wych cult army, I would go for large blobs of cursed blade. +1S, and no real morale loss make them attractive.
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PostSubject: Re: Rebuilding my Wych Army   Rebuilding my Wych Army I_icon_minitime

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Rebuilding my Wych Army
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