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 Death Guard Rematch

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PostSubject: Death Guard Rematch   Death Guard Rematch I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 15 2019, 14:59

Hi all, so after my win this Tuesday just gone against the Death Guard, he has challenged me to a rematch next week. I dont want to bring the same list as last time as there were some weaker units that just didnt pull their weight. So what do you think about this?

(limited by what I own but this might work..)

Outrider + Patrol + Battalion = 9 CP

Cult of Red Grief - Outrider

Succubus - (Blood Glaive & Blast pistol)
Reavers x 9 - (3 blasters , 3 grav talons)
Scourges x 5 - (4 shredders)
Scourges x 5 - (4 shredders)

Kabal of Flayed skull - Battalion
Archon - (Huskblade, Blast Pistol)
Archon - (Huskblade, Blast Pistol)
Kabalites x 5 - (Blaster)
Kabalites x 5 - (Blaster)
Kabalites x 5 - (Blaster)
Raider - (Dissie)
Venom - (Twin rifle, Splinter cannon)
Razorwing Jet - (Dissies & Splinter cannon)

Alaitoc - Patrol
Farseer - (Singing spear, Guide, Doom)
Rangers x 5
Hemlock Wraithfighter - Jinx

Having Craftworld support may just give me enough re-rolls to get through his disgustingly resistant saves
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Death Guard Rematch
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