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 Victory against the Death Guard

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Victory against the Death Guard Empty
PostSubject: Victory against the Death Guard   Victory against the Death Guard I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 15 2019, 11:35

Hi all, following the advice I received in the tactics part of the forum, I'd thought id make a quick post about how the fight actually went. Needless to say, we won 13 - 4 against the ridiculously hardy Death Guard. You guys told me they were tough, I just had no clue how tough they would actually be, and how mark darklight they were able to shrug off, It was crazy.

Anyway, he had a lot more CP with two battalions. He brought two lots of 20 poxwalkers and 2 x 10 cultists. I didn't realise that by killing these cultists, he could add poxwalkers back to his original unit amount depending on the amount I had killed. He also brought two units of plague marines, a bloat drone, a plagueburst crawler, a demon prince and Typhus himself.

I will say this, the helm of spite was totally useless in this fight, It could have been ok, but with the amount of buffs he could do, one deny was never going to be enough, and despite even that, I never made a successful deny the witch, so it was a wasted relic really.

Hellions....ugh. Whilst they did score me two points by advancing and stealing an unoccupied objective, they were immediately killed the moment they were looked at funny, I wasnt able to get them into combat before they were wiped. The only silver lining on that is he used his shooting on them instead of my raider or wyches etc.

My Reavers however, were definitely my star players of the match. They killed 5 cultists just by flying over them, then shoot up a bunch more before surrounding his plague burst crawler and taking it out of the rest of the game. I did next to no damage to it, but by it not being able to shoot anything, really made my game easier. It took 3 turns and getting Typhus involved to get rid of them, by then I had racked up quite a lead.

I made the mistake of shooting his poxwalkers first with my kabalites and shredder scourges. It was only then did I realise his dead cultists coming back from the grave after, but you live and learn.

Whilst they did not do much in terms of damage the wyches did well in tying up his plague marines stopping them from getting close to objectives. He admitted that he was getting frustrated by how much I was getting in his way. My Kabalites were pretty free to move around and grab key objectives when they needed to.

I was able to take down Typhus in the end for the slay the warlord point, but it did take my Razorwing shooting him, then Lelith and the Succubus both fighting him together do finally do it. Plus him getting a perils from the warp also helped haha.

He's asked for a rematch next Tuesday, but I think I'll change up a bit for next time, maybe bring a farseer and Hemlock with a unit of rangers. Maybe that will help against how hardy they can be.
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Victory against the Death Guard
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