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 Genestealer Haemonculus

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PostSubject: Genestealer Haemonculus   Genestealer Haemonculus I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 26 2018, 23:32

I had a spare genestealer body and decided to try my hand at converting it into a Haemonculus. This is the result:

Genestealer Haemonculus BZF6WKtl

Genestealer Haemonculus FSCQeuGl

Genestealer Haemonculus OPUnHqKl

Genestealer Haemonculus LV37Xhyl

The Chronos head is a little bigger than would normally be used, but I quite liked the Plague Doctor/Mosquito look. I thought the proboscis could serve as an Ichor Injector.

I'll admit that I completely forgot to give him a gun (probably because I don't have any spare Coven gun arms at the moment), but hopefully that's not a major issue.

Anyway, I'm just looking for general opinions and whether you think I should add anything else or try to modify him some more? (Thought it best to ask before I start painting him.)

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Genestealer Haemonculus
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