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 Returning to 8th - What's a Drukhari!?

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Returning to 8th - What's a Drukhari!? Empty
PostSubject: Returning to 8th - What's a Drukhari!?   Returning to 8th - What's a Drukhari!? I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 27 2018, 22:56


I'm Niall from Scotland, UK.

So the last time I was properly into 40k, Black Templars were on the box set with Dark Eldar Smile Following many years out of war gaming I got back into the hobby some time ago, about a year into Age of Sigmar. Still enjoying it a lot but fancied a return to 40K. I dabbled in 8th last year with Ad Mech shortly after initial release but they didn't grab me.

Lately I've been reading up on Drukhari, joined the Facebook group and also subscribed to Splintermind Smile That's where I found out about this forum. Loads of questions but I'll do a bit of digging first in the threads as I'm sure I'm not the only newbie here! I'm getting my head around the codex slowly...

Keen to understand list building a bit more, in particular for casual/fun play. I have AoS as my main tournament game so hoping to relax a bit more with 40k and just build an and play with the units I like the look of Wink I'm also keen to build and paint an army fairly quickly to start getting some games in, maybe 50 Power or so (whatever that is in points).

Picked up a Start Collecting set (the old Kabal one) so have that built. Just need to decide on paint schemes!

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Returning to 8th - What's a Drukhari!? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Returning to 8th - What's a Drukhari!?   Returning to 8th - What's a Drukhari!? I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 28 2018, 12:37

Welcome fellow Drukhari player and Scot!

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Returning to 8th - What's a Drukhari!?
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