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 1750 Maximum Soup list

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PostSubject: 1750 Maximum Soup list   1750 Maximum Soup list I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 19 2018, 18:02

Hi guys. I have just been posting some questions in the Drukhari section on a soup list as I want to run some craft world for the first time. This is a list I have built to be as powerful and competitive as possible based on what I own (i'm happy to buy another ravager and the eldar units). The tournament is 1750 limit, games played over a 2 hours and 30 minutes time frame.

The tournie will have some pretty good players, one of them is in the top 15 UK players.

Ulthwe Supreme Command Detachment:
Eldrad with Shuriken pistol, Staff of Ulthramar and Witchblade
Farseer on Skyrunner with Shuriken pistol and singing spear
Warlock on Skyrunner with Shuriken pistol and singing spear

Blackheart Vanguard Detachment:
Archon with Venom Blade, Splinter pistol
Ravager with triple dissie
Ravager with triple dissie
Ravager with triple dissie

Soaring Spite Battalion:
Shadowseer with shuriken pistol and mistave
Troupe Master with Fusion pistol and Caress
5 x Troupe with 4 fusion pistols
5 x Troupe with 4 fusion pistols
5 x Troupe with 1 Harlequins kiss
5 x Skyweaver with Haywire Cannons and Zephyrglaive
1 x Starweaver (transport)
1 x Strweaver (transport)

This gives me 10 CP. I have gone for a very fast, very ranged firepower army here with quite a bit of psychic power. The Quins with fusion pistols will be loaded into the cars and then moved 16' + auto advance for 28 inch threat range (no penalty to shooting). The Ravagers will be just hammering shots with the Archon re-rolling hits and wound from range and the Eldar will be acting as Force Multipliers.

I haven't used Craftworld before so i have less than a month to get experience, and I am a little concerned with a Footslogging Eldrad in such a fast list. I can only go 5 skyweavers due to points, however I was wondering whether to swap out the Vanguard for Urien and 3 PoF pain engines (which would allow me to get a 6th Skyweaver).

Opinions gents? How does this look? I know there will be Knights, IG soup and Demon primarchs definitely going to this.

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1750 Maximum Soup list
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