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 2k GT Alliance of Agony

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PostSubject: 2k GT Alliance of Agony   2k GT Alliance of Agony I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 02 2018, 20:40

So I'm going to the Dallas Open Gt in April next year and need to decide what I'm going to bring. I have a ready-to-go Deathwatch army, which will be easy to get up to speed model/paint wise but probably won't be as competitive (even post-CA2019), so I'm curious what you think of me building towards this alliance of agony:

Flayed skull battalion:
archon - splinter pistol, djin blade (famed savagery - actual warlord)
archon - splinter pistol, huskblade
3x5 kabs w/blaster
10 kabs w/2 blasters
3 venoms - stock (upgrade to dual cannons??)
raider - dark lance, splinter racks

Red Grief Battalion:
succubus - blood glaive, agonizer (hyper-swift reflexes trait -> should I go for the fight first trait?)
succubus - archite glaive, blast pistol
7 wyches - 2 razor flails, shardnet
5 wyches - hydra guantlet
5 wyches - shardnet
6 reavers - 2 heat lances, 2 grav talons
2 raider - lance (7 wyches + 2 succubus and famed savage warlord go here & either both 5-wych units or one unit plus the other archon)

Flyer wing (black heart??)
2x razorwings w/dizzies, rifles and missiles
voidraven w/lances and missiles

Anyways I was wanting some thoughts on this. I know the black heart archon plus 3 ravagers is probably better but I'd rather run the flyers as I like the models better. I am using cult because those are the models I have right now, needing to get another venom and 10 more kabs to make my 1000 list mark.

I am concerned about screening and am curious if using the raiders as a screen could work? They are long and thin and could keep people away from the flyers for those armies who can get across turn 1.

Thanks for the list thoughts - please tear it up and make suggestions, there's a bunch to purchase but I'd like to keep the kabal/cult theme with flayed skull and red grief in the list. I could do a webway bomb of the the blood glaive succy and 20 wyches?

Thanks again!
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2k GT Alliance of Agony
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