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 Drukhari vs. Tyranids 1850p Video BATREP

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Lost Vyper
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Drukhari vs. Tyranids 1850p Video BATREP Empty
PostSubject: Drukhari vs. Tyranids 1850p Video BATREP   Drukhari vs. Tyranids 1850p Video BATREP I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 29 2018, 22:51

Two of the top armies collide!

This. Was.

The match of the all matches, the two War Rage 40K -league armies hit hard and no mercy was shown...

This was the game of the month for me.

First of all, both players used CP´s for the extra abilites given by the League format and that immediately set strategies on that never seen level!

Second, the strategies known "for sure" backfired often creating interesting opporturnities...

Third, tight game and a one, where both of us were enjoying the bout whether winner or loser...

And it was a non 40K day, so the table setting was awesome, got to use ALL the terrain i WANTED Smile

So thanks to Poromagia, the best place to play in Helsinki/Finland.

- Lost Vyper
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Drukhari vs. Tyranids 1850p Video BATREP
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