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 Return of the Grotesquerie

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PostSubject: Return of the Grotesquerie   Return of the Grotesquerie I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 17 2018, 03:48

Hi all,

I recently played five games over the last month with the same list:

PoF Battlion
Haemie w/Vexator Mask
2 x 8 Wracks
2 x 8 Grots
5 x Mandrakes

BH Spearhead
Archon w/ Writ
3 x DC Ravagers
2 x 5 Mandrakes

BH Airwing
2 x RWJ w/DC
Void Raven Bomber

Game 1:
First game against a very good Ork player. He brought 120 Boyz, several units of Tankbustaz in Trukks, a Forgeworld tank with Str7 Flamer filled with Scorchas, Weird Boyz, Pain Boy, Grots, Knobz with PK, and a few other things I’m probably forgetting. We played Maelstrom. He got first turn and mobbed up two 20 man units and Da Jumped them up nine inches away from my forces. I had set up a screen of Wracks and Grots around my Ravagers. He made his charge with the 40 man unit but just barely which meant even with pile in most of his guys couldn’t swing. I used the Vexator Mask to make him swing second and the Grots whittled down most of the Boyz. He swung back and killed a few Wracks and that was it. My turn I mowed through the rest of the unit.

He jumped another 40 Boyz up in my face on Turn 2, They charge Wracks , two Ravagers, Haemie. He killed one Ravager, put a few wounds on the other, killed a few Wracks, and killed the Haemie. My turn the other unit of Grots charges into the 40 Boyz and proceeds to kill most of them. Mandrakes and Flyers kill his Grots, Trukk with Tankbustaz, and start whittling down another 20 man unit.

Turn 3 he kills a few Grots with his remaining Knobz and their PKs . He charges his WL into a unit of Mandrakes and wipes them out. His FW tank also kills the Void Raven. My turn the two units of Grots finish off the remaining Boyz from the two 40 man units. After that it was just mopping up. My opponent was really good and when it ended on Turn 5, I was only ahead in Maelstrom by three points even though my opponent only had three models on the table.

Post-game thoughts:
As expected, the Grots were the MVPs, The 16 Grots mulched almost 100 infantry models and also got me WL. They also soaked up much of his shooting and refused to die. The Mandrakes were new units and other than killing a few Boyz and his Grots, they didn’t do much. All in all a really fun game and I suspect this match up will be much closer when the new codex drops.

Next game: IG and Scions loaded with plasma.
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Return of the Grotesquerie
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