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 Deployment shenanigans 2000 points

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Deployment shenanigans 2000 points Empty
PostSubject: Deployment shenanigans 2000 points   Deployment shenanigans 2000 points I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 21 2018, 23:20

So this list focuses mostly on using and abusing deployment shenanigans. I started off originally trying to find a neat way to replace a guardian bomb with only dark eldar stuff. This is why I started with Poison tongue, but the more I was theory crafting the more I started to realise just how many units I could redeploy, start in reserve etc. Seems like it could at least be a very fun list even if it's not massively competitive, although I feel it could atleast hold it's own. If I wanted to make it a bit more competitive I could quite easily fit in access to AOV by dropping the Scourges (wouldn't usually like these, but more reserves and access to haywire) for another Archon.

Anyways, let me know what you think!

Poisoned tongue Batallion+5CP


Archon, Agoniser, Blaster, PGL, total: 94

Archon, Huskblade, Blaster, PGL, total: 96


X4 5 Kabalites, Blaster, venom, total: 448

20 Kabalites, x2 Splinter cannons, total: 140

Heavy Support

X3 Ravager, x3 Disintegrator cannon, total:375


Razorwing jetfighter, Disintegrator cannons, total: 135

Voidraven bomber, dark scythes, Voidraven missiles, total:165

Prophets of Flesh Vanguard +1 CP


Haemonculus, Diabolical soothsayer, Helm of spite, Stinger pistol, total: 75


4 Grotesques, total: 140

x3 5 Mandrakes, total: 240

Fast attack

5 Scourges, x4 haywire blasters, total: 92

GT:2000 points

Average starting CP: 11

Drops: 18
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Deployment shenanigans 2000 points
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