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 Zone Mortalis 500pt list

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PostSubject: Zone Mortalis 500pt list   Zone Mortalis 500pt list I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 24 2018, 02:30

As the third round of a narrative event this weekend, we have a 500pt ZM game. I have never played ZM before, and have no idea how it's going to go. The only thing I know is that ZM tends to be played on smaller boards with tight corridors, which largely eliminates the use (and requirement) of taking transports.

Command Points are set at 5CP per player regardless of detachments, with 2 extra if 90% of models are painted, which I'll get as almost all my stuff is painted and based. Currently I'm eyeing up this:

Mixed detachment Patrol:

Hatred Eternal, Huskblade, Phantasm Grenade Launcher, Splinter pistol, The Djin Blade, Warlord

Court of the Archon
2x Medusae
2x Sslyth

6 Kabalite Warriors
4x Kabalite Warrior
1x Kabalite Warrior with special weapon: Blaster
1x Sybarite: Agoniser, Splinter Rifle

10 Wyches
1x Hekatrix: Agoniser, Splinter pistol
6x Wych
3x Wych with Wych Weapon: Hydra gauntlets

5 Incubi
4x Incubi
1x Klaivex: Klaive

5 Scourges
4x Scourge with Special / Heavy weapon: Shredder
1x Solarite: Shardcarbine

I've never used Wyches before, and the game is not 100% competitive. Still, I'd still like a good shot at winning - if you have any suggestions or if you've played ZM before, please let me know what you've run!

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Zone Mortalis 500pt list
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