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 Need some info on Ynnari-Background

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Need some info on Ynnari-Background Empty
PostSubject: Need some info on Ynnari-Background   Need some info on Ynnari-Background I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 29 2018, 18:08

Hi all,

I wanted to ask if someone knows about the attitude of the Alaitoc craftworld towards Ynnari. I suspect it's rather unfriendly as the Alaitocii are the most rigid followers of the Path, but some sureity would be welcome.

As to why I post this question in a Dark Eldar forum... Well, I work a little bit on the background story for my Kabal (of the Freezing Moon). As I intend to sometimes use Alaitoc allies and develop the background story accordingly, I would need to know. My kabal is going to be enmical towards the Ynnari. I don't like this part of the new fluff and I don't like the models (especially Yvraine). My Kabal is going to reflect that. So it boils basically down to the question if my usage of Alaitoc allies is going to be part of my fluff or just a "powergaming" measure for local tournys.

Thanks in advance and feel free to redirect me to another section of the forum if I am wrong here (as far as I see, this is the most fitting, but...)
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Need some info on Ynnari-Background
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