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 Forge World Models

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PostSubject: Forge World Models   Forge World Models I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 23 2018, 01:10

I'm sure others have mirrored this opinion, but surely the design team can do better than one big skimmer and one slightly changed raider/ravager, right? I know DE isn't the most wildly popular army out there but I would really like to see some more models out of Forge World. What are some things you guys would like to see?
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PostSubject: Re: Forge World Models   Forge World Models I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 23 2018, 11:39

I mentioned the other day a message which was circulating on this topic:

Basically they have no pland to make more because they've never decided to do a campaign book featuring them.

If they did, theres probably lots ofstuff I'd love to see. I quite like the existing massive skimmer and "big gun" boat as opening options, but would love them to add:
- The Mega-Talos. The obvious much larger Coven monstrosity.
- Bring back the Raven. Make it smaller as a real Strike Fighter, and deploy them in squadrons.
- A skimmer with a built-in webway gate.
- Landing Torpedoes. basically like a Boarding Torpedo, but spiky and used like a Drop Pod.
- A gathering cage. A big super-heavy designedc as a cage to drop prisoners in and then go back for more.
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Forge World Models
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