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 Composited 2000pts Competitive KABAL List (Updated to v.5)

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Composited 2000pts Competitive KABAL List (Updated to v.5) Empty
PostSubject: Composited 2000pts Competitive KABAL List (Updated to v.5)   Composited 2000pts Competitive KABAL List (Updated to v.5) I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 02 2018, 12:42

Hail, fellow denizens of the Dark City.

The following list is a composite of all the other competitive lists I've seen on here, various other forums, and battle-reports posted on YouTube. I selected the units that appeared the most in other lists that also seemed to have solid reasoning for their placement. I did my best to arm each detachment with its most appropriate obsession, and aimed for a high amount of command points.

A tiny bit of background on why I made this list: I wanted to play World Eaters for the longest time but there was no way for me to create decent looking Khorne Berzerkers without some serious kitbashing, the likes of which I have neither the time nor the money for. Ironically, I started taking a liking to the Dark Eldar after watching a Tabletop Tactics batrep that was Drukhari vs. World Eaters.

Here it is: Composited 2000pts Competitive KABAL List (Updated to v.5) Screen11

Feedback is of course appreciated!

I would also like to hear any insight you have as to why these units are so popular, as it would be very helpful for a new DE player.

Also, assuming a list made in this fashion isn't trash, how would you play it?
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Composited 2000pts Competitive KABAL List (Updated to v.5)
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