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 Crimson Eye Trading Company

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PostSubject: Crimson Eye Trading Company   Crimson Eye Trading Company I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 02 2018, 04:18

I always liked the whole idea of Eldar Corsairs, but I never really got to get into the models before they became useless in 8th (I did run a small army of them in 6th or 7th in a tournament to moderate success). I decided today to write up a backstory for my army, and thought I'd share it, see what people thought, see how the whole idea held up to the fluff of the 40k universe... so..without further ado, here it is!

Colors: Dark Blue and Deep Red, silver trim
Flag: Red background, with a white 'eye' in the middle, the red background coming down across the eye in the middle to make it look like a serpents eye

After the fall, Commorragh was crowded and resources scarce. There were also those who, even though they basked in the depravity of the Drukhari way of life, still felt comraderie with their Craftworld brethren. There were also those who did not wish to take part in the political games of power that the newfound leaders of Commorragh were fond of. It was a mixture of these people who left Commorragh to form a corsair band. Led by a noble by birth, they ventured into realspace to conduct raids, protect Craftworlds, and to continually upset the balance of the galaxy by creating a black market for weapons, goods, and mercenaries to make sure that no one power became so strong they posed a threat to the Eldar race as a whole. They called themselves the Crimson Eye Trading Company after the Red scaled Sslyth that guarded the Noble Corsair Prince at all times, and they were known across the webway and realspace for their wares and efficacy.

Soon, of course, they found themselves gathering the ire of many different galaxy superpowers, having lost much of their trustworthiness to acts of betrayal that run deep in the blood of even the most devout Drukhari. Against the advice of an allied Farseer, the Corsair Prince took a mercenary job that ended up being a trap. It ended up wiping out most of the deployed forces, including the Corsair prince, most of his retinue, and causing a dangerous void of leadership within the ranks. It was one of the last surviving members of the Corsairs bodyguards that grasped power in the struggle that continued. Larger than the common Sslyth, he was a force to be reckoned with. He went simply by the moniker "the serpent"

With thinned ranks, and new leadership, the Crimson Eye Trading Company floundered to raise itself back up to its height of power. It was only when a mysterious Archon began to support them that they gained traction in the Galaxy once again. Unsure of the motivations of the Archon, but unable to refuse her help, the serpent keeps a close eye on her. But with the ranks filling with men under her pay, and the Trading Company getting pulled into more and more of her political battles, it is clear that the Crimson Eye Trading Company will lose all autonomy unless something is done to stave the looming fate.
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PostSubject: Re: Crimson Eye Trading Company   Crimson Eye Trading Company I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 27 2018, 19:03

Like the idea, where are they based? How do they interact with other races and who are their favoured targets?
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Crimson Eye Trading Company
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