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 DE lists 2000 (Wracks for the win ?)

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DE lists 2000 (Wracks for the win ?) Empty
PostSubject: DE lists 2000 (Wracks for the win ?)   DE lists 2000 (Wracks for the win ?) I_icon_minitimeTue May 29 2018, 15:46


I would like to know your thought about my thinking about Wracks to be deployed front line with 1 Haemonculus with a warlord Trait. the purpose is to advance first turn with 2 packs of 10. It will shoot with Ossefactors and could make a Fire & Fade to put more pressure if needed. The 2x5 wracks in Venom to accompany or take objectives.

The other will stay with the Haemonculus and advance as much as it can.
This Bataillon of 500 pts is just to distract the ennemy or limits Tyranids swarm advance. It has a 4++ invuln and re-rolls 1's if Haemonculus is next and 5's toughness.

With a bit of luck, I can dish out a few mortal wounds and snipe a character (okay not with the one who advanced turn 1). I am also thinking about the 2 pts Stratagem to bring back a damaged unit of 10 anywhere.

Flesh Prophet Bataillon

2x Haemonculus , Hexrifle / Elec-Whips + Warlord Trait (Relaunch1). I am wondering about a Relic (maybe the one against counter charge).

10x Wracks- 2 ossefactors + Hexrifle
10x Wracks- 2 ossefactors + Hexrifle

5 Wracks in Venom (Flayed Skull + Ossefactors & Hexrifle
5 Wracks in Venom + Ossefactors & Hexrifle


Flayed Skull Bataillon
Archon - Blaster, FLG, Huskblade
Archon, Blaster, FLG, Venom blade

5x Kabalite / Blaster - Raider (with Archon)
5x Kabalite / Blaster - Raider (With Archon & Haemonculus)
10x KAbalite / 2x Blaster / 1 slinter - Raider

2x Razorwing Jet - DIS


Spearhead - Black Heart

1 archon - Venom Blade + Warlord + Muse Artefact for reroll's wounds+ Labyrinth Cunning

2x Ravager - DIS
1x Ravager - Dark Lances
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DE lists 2000 (Wracks for the win ?)
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