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 Kabal/CWE list

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PostSubject: Kabal/CWE list   Kabal/CWE list I_icon_minitimeTue May 29 2018, 15:00

Tried this list out on the weekend.   I ended up forcing my opponent to surrender after one turn due to the firepower I unleashed on him.

Battalion: Blackheart

Archon  Venom blade, writ of living muse
Archon  Agonizer, Blast pistol, Helm of Spite

10 Kabalites: DL, Shredder, Shredder
10 Kabalites: DL, Shredder, Shredder
5 Kabalites

3 X Ravager Dissies


Airwing: Poison Tongue
2X RWJF with Dissies

Battalion: Alaitoc

Jetseer: Guide and Doom
Warlock skyrunner: Conceal

5 Rangers
5 Rangers
5 Dire Avengers

4 Jetbikes with Shuriken Cannons

6 Dark Reapers.  Exarch with Tempest Launcher

The key tactic was to deploy my 3 jetfighters first all on the left most edge of the table in order to bait the opponent into that side.  (I had to drop my 5 man Kab warrior squad there too to ensure his firebase was on that side of the board, but they were largely disposable).      

Once opponent was committed to that side of the board, the rest of my army was deployed on the right side of the board.   I then used poison tongue strategem to redeploy my fliers to the right side of the board.     This effectively took me out of range of his main shooting support.    

Then my intense firebase took apart the portion of his force in the middle of his deployment zone.
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Kabal/CWE list
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