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 2000p Alliance of Agony v1.1

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2000p Alliance of Agony v1.1 Empty
PostSubject: 2000p Alliance of Agony v1.1   2000p Alliance of Agony v1.1 I_icon_minitimeSat May 26 2018, 17:07

Hi again!
After some feedback I have rivised my list slightly...

It is currently at 1992p so I can affird 2 agonizers or some other little upgrade. Suggestions?

Here is my idea so far:

2000p Drukhari v1,1

Black Heart Battalion
1x Archon (Husk, Splinter)
1x Archon (venom, Splinter)

1x Sslyth

5x5 Kanalites (blast)

3x Ravager (3 Dis)

2x Raider (Dis)
2x Venom (2 rifle, SC)

Red Grief Outrider
1x Succubus (Glaive, Splinter)

1x7 Reavers (2 grav talons)
1x3 Reavers (Blast)
1x5 Scoutges (4 shredder)

Prophets of Flesh Spearhead
Urien Rakarth

1x5 Grotesques

3x1 Talos (haywire)

Overall strategy:

The venom Archon banysits the Ravagers with his aura

The husk Archon (warlord), Succubus & Sslyth in one of the Venoms as a mobile couner unit.

Urien with the Talos and Grotesques

Kabalites in Raiders & Venom (2 in each raider and 1 in the second venom) going for objectives and general damage output

Ravagers for obvious damageä

7-man Reaver unit with grav talons for early charge and tar pitting.

Small Reaver unit for objectives & harrasing

Scourges for anti horde

Urien to buff Grotesques & Talos

Grotesques for midfield counter charge

Talos for midfield control and anti vehicle

Any further suggestions orsmall tweakd?

Thank you!
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2000p Alliance of Agony v1.1
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