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 Miserable Meat Mountain vs Mehprit Necrons 2K

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Miserable Meat Mountain vs Mehprit Necrons 2K Empty
PostSubject: Miserable Meat Mountain vs Mehprit Necrons 2K   Miserable Meat Mountain vs Mehprit Necrons 2K I_icon_minitimeSat May 26 2018, 14:59

Hello all,

I tried out @Hero’s Miserable Meat Mountain list yesterday. If you haven’t checked out his blog (and you really should!), the basic list is Grots and Talos w/ Urien supported by Black Heart fire support consisting of 3 x DC Ravagers (mandatory, I know), and gunboat Raiders with 2 x Blasters and 1 x SC in each. I deviated from Hero’s list slightly by dropping one of the gunboats for more Grots. I had 3 x Talos, 13 x Grots in two squads, Urien and Vexator Mask Haemie.

My opponent’s Necron list was roughly:
2 x Overlords with War Scythes and Res Orbs
2 x 20 Warriors
8 x Wraiths
10 x Lych Guard with Scythes
8 x Destroyers (or maybe it was Heavy Desroyers?)
1 x Cryptek
10 x Tesla Immortals
3 x Tomb Blades

Set up was Hammer and Anvil. We had three objectives scored at the end of every turn and played the Open War Weapons Cache mission where whoever had the Weapons Cache at the end of the game got an extra 5 VP’s.

I used Screaming Jets to reserve my Ravagers and he reserved his Destroyers. He won the roll off to go first.

Turn One
He uses a strategem to get extra movement on his Wraihs and pushes forward with everything else. On my turn I take a few pot shots at the Wraiths with the SC and gunboat dissies and manage to put 1-2 wounds on one. He scores two objectives to my one.

Turn Two
He uses a strategem or maybe it was his WL trait to redeploy his Lych Guard nine inches away from my front lines. His Wraiths move up preparing to charge. He brings his Destroyers in and moves everything else up. Shooting with the Destroyers sees one Grot killed and four wounds off one of the Talos. He then charges the Wraiths and Lych Guard directly into the heart of Miserable Meat Mountain. I used the Vexator Mask to make the Wraiths fight last. At the end of combat, both of his units had managed to kill three more Grots and two Wraiths were brought down. To say my opponent was surprised by how little damage he did would be an understatement. He was starting to realize that one does not simply walk into Miserable Meat Mountain. On my turn the Ravagers came down in his backfield but failed to kill all ten Immortals on his objective. I leave combat with the two Grots. My shooting kills about half the Lych Guard and one Wraith. I charged the Wraiths and Lych Guard with the Talos and the second unit of Grots, killing the Lych Guard and bringing the Wraiths down to two. He scores two objectives to my one.

Turn Three
He leaves combat with the Wraiths and prepares to charge Urien. His shooting sees two Grots killed and two wounds taken from a Ravager. He charges the two Wraiths into Urien but only does one wound. My turn, Urien leaves combat. The Grots and Talos move up to charge the Destroyers. Shooting sees the Immortals, the Tomb Blades, and the final Wraiths brought down. I charge the Destroyers but somehow two survive and reanimate two more. We both score one objective.

Turn Four
His shooting kills 1-2 Grots and that’s it. My turn I finish off the Destroyers with the Ravagers, kill an Overlord with a Blaster, and wipe out one of the Warrior squads in assault. The remaining Warrior squad is tied up in combat with a Talos. I score two objectives to his one.

We decide to call it as my opponent only has a Warrior squad, a Cryptek, and his WL left and I’ve only lost one six man unit of Grots and three more from another squad. MVPs were, unsurprisingly, the Grots. They soaked up pretty much all of his shooting and melee attacks for four turns. My opponent remarked several times that he didn’t know DE were so hard to kill
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Miserable Meat Mountain vs Mehprit Necrons 2K
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