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 2000 Point List

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PostSubject: 2000 Point List   2000 Point List I_icon_minitimeFri May 11 2018, 03:29

Just started making lists recently, I'm open to any and all suggestions! Mostly built this off of what units I'd want to include instead of pure usefulness, though winning sometimes would be nice too. =P

Kabal Detachment (Patrol):

Archon w/ Splinter Pistol and Huskblade (76)

1x Dracon w/ Splinter Pistol, Power Sword, and Phantasm Launcher
4x Kabalite Trueborn w/ 1x Shredder, 1x Blaster, 1x Darklance, and 1x Splinter Cannon (117)

1x Sslyth (27)

1x Sybarite w/ Splinter Pistol and Agoniser
9x Kabalite Warrior w/ 1x Shredder and 1x Dark Lance (92)

1x Solarite w/ Shardcarbine
4x Scourge w/ 1x Splinter Cannon, 1x Darklance, 1x Haywire Blaster, and 1x Blaster (115)

1x Ravager w/ 3x Darklance, Chainsnares, and Shock Prow (143)

1x Raider w/ Darklance and Shock Prow (86)

1x Venom w/ Twin Splinter Rifle (65)

1x Razorwing w/ Disintegrators and Twin Splinter Rifle (135)

1x Voidraven w/ Void Lances and Voidraven Missiles (165)

Wych Cult Detachment (Patrol):

1x Succubus w/ Agoniser and Archite Glaive (54)

1x Hekatrix w/ Hekatarii Blade and Blast Pistol
9x Wychs w/ 1x Hydra Gauntlets, 1x Razorflails, and 1x Shardnet with Impaler (103)

1x Helliarch w/ Splinter Pistol and Stun Claw
4x Hellions (74)

1x Arena Champion w/ Agoniser
2x Reavers w/ 1x Heatlance and 1x Grav-talon (76)

1x Venom w/ Twin Splinter Rifle (65)

Haemonculus Coven Detachment (Patrol)

1x Urien Rakarth [Warlord] (90)

1x Haemonculus w/ Stinger Pistol and Ichor Injector (80)

3x Grotesques w/ 1x Liquifier Gun (116)

1x Acothyst w/ Scissorhand and Hexrifle
4x Wracks w/ 1x Liquifier Gun and 1x Ossefactor (76)

Talos w/ Twin Liquifier Gun, Macro-scalpel, and Stinger Pod (116)

1x Venom w/ Twin Splinter Rifle

Command Points: 7
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2000 Point List
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