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 2000 point Mixed Aeldari

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PostSubject: 2000 point Mixed Aeldari   2000 point Mixed Aeldari I_icon_minitimeWed May 09 2018, 11:42

This new codex has my head buzzing as I try to collect the pieces of an army. I am interested in a little of each of the different factions, but am also hoping to try out some of the Eldar stuff in a detachment as well, so am a little unsure how to make it all fit


76 Archon, Huskblade, Splinter pistol, Labyrinthine Cunning
30 6x warriors 1x blaster (goes in a venom)
92 5 Scourges, 4x haywire blasters

65 Venom, Splinter cannon, Splinter rifles
65 Venom, Splinter cannon, Splinter rifles
80 Raider, Dis Cannon

Patrol: Prophets of Flesh

76 Haemonculus, electrocorrosive whip, splinter pistol, warlord: +d3 CP's
49 5xWracks, 1 agonizer (goes in a venom)
298 3x Talos, All w/ Chain flail, Macroscalple, Twin haywire blasters

Patrol: Cult of Red Grief
50 Succubus, Archite Glaive, Splinter pistol, Warlord: 3++ invul,
60 8x Wyches, 1 shardnet/impaler (goes in raider)
120 6x reavers, 2 grav talons
60 3x reavers, 2 grav talons

Battalion : allitoc
135 Farseer Skyrunner, Doom, ?Executioner?
65 Warlock Skyrunner, jinx/protect

60 5x Rangers
60 5x Rangers
143 16x guardians, 1 shuriken Cannon, in WWP

95 3x Shining spears, exarch w/ starlance
188 6x Shinign Spears, exarch w/ starlance
68 5x Swooping hawks, hawks talon

Mostly, everything hurtles up the board as fast as possible, trying to crush one flank with the spears and hold the middle with the talos, leaving another flank free but hopefully with no good targets but the talos.

Any thoughts on making it more competitive? I'm especially lost on the Dark Eldar side, as I'm not sure the 3 patrols is actually the right approach. I like wyches, but if I add more and instead make it a battalion of them, I feel like I want strife instead of grief and lose out on the advance and charge. I also like the idea of having access to AoV and the talos w/ obsessions, rather than smushing those together into a non-obscession DE detachment. But it certainly seems suboptimal (thus the post for suggestions) and I maybe run into the 3x detachment limit in tourneys.

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2000 point Mixed Aeldari
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