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 2000 ITC competitive with all 3 sub-factions

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2000 ITC competitive with all 3 sub-factions Empty
PostSubject: 2000 ITC competitive with all 3 sub-factions   2000 ITC competitive with all 3 sub-factions I_icon_minitimeMon May 07 2018, 22:40

Hi! I've been playing Drukhari competitive for about 5 years and really enjoyed them more than any of my other armies since they perfect what I call my 3 requirements: nice play-style, nice lore and nice models. Since I've been painting quite a few horde armies I really enjoyed how we could have three different paint schemes with three different factions and now we also got some really nice rules for it!

I've been working on my next tournament list and I really want to put a kabal (Black Heart), a wych cult (probably Red Grief) and a coven (Prophets of flesh) in a 2000 point list competitive but to be hounest I find it hard... Please help me and discuss how we can build a 2000 competitive all around ITC tournament list containing a nice balance between our sub-fractions.

Battalion detachment - Kabal of the black heart
Archon - Warlord (Labyrinth cunning)
Writ of the living muse
Splinter pistol

Phantasm Grenade launcher
Splinter pistol

3 x 5 Kabalite warriors - Blaster

3 x Ravagers - Disintegrator cannons

2 x Razorwing Jetfighters - Dark Lances

3 x Venoms - Twin splinter rifle

2 x Raiders - Dark Lance

The base kabal part for the army is pretty simple and common. Warlord way back with the ravagers and the other archon running with the none warlord characters (a Succubus and Urien). I'm using Warriors in Venoms to keep the cost down to a minimum. If I get out of points I'l probably give the warlord a Venom blade and remove the PGL from the second Archon.
I could also use 2 Raiders; one containing the none warlord characters and a unit of 3 grotesques and the second one either filled up with more Grotesques or 10 Wracks... Or should I just foot-slog a unit of 10 Grotesques up the middle of the table shielding the characters. The idea is if I split the unit of Grotesques in two I will add in some Mandrakes so I can use them as a Vanguard detachment... But using the prophets of flesh I think the Wracks really can make an impact either in a Black heart raider of by foot as a distraction.

Vanguard detachment - Prophets of flesh
Urien Rakarth

3 x Grotesques

4 x Grotesques

5 x Mandrakes

Then we come to the Wych Cult which I really have no idea how to build... Either use a raider filled with Wyches moving up next to the raider containing the characters I talked about and grotesques. Or I just ditch the Wyches and go for a Outrider detachment with 2 units of minimum size reavers and a unit of scourges with Haywire blasters.

Outrider detachment - Cult of red Grief
Archite Glaive
Splinter pistol

3 x 2 Reavers

5 Scourges - Haywire Blasters

To be honest I think the army maybe lack heavy weapons (3 Blasters, 6 Dark Lance, 4 Haywire Blasters and 9 Disintegrator cannons)... And I think it would be cooler if I balanced the Cult and Coven better since I really don't feel I can take anyting from the Kabal.
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2000 ITC competitive with all 3 sub-factions
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