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 Best Relics

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PostSubject: Re: Best Relics   Best Relics - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeFri May 11 2018, 09:28

hexxenwyrd wrote:
Okay so on the Vexator mask, I'm getting a feel of best case analysis. (rant incomming)

For them swinging last to matter, they had to have been swinging before you otherwise. So it's really good if they charged you.
So went after your melee units with their melee units, knowing you had that artifact, and ended their charge within 6" of the bearer. (mask chooses at the start of the fight phase so they can pile in and not be effected.) Why as the opponent am I making this decision?
What if you charged? Then it doesn't matter because you swung first. "it prevents counter attack", but so does attacking with that the unit facing them first among your chargers.

Preventing overwatch is nice, but having played with banshees and archons with banshees maskes, move 7" models don't get the best benefit out of it.
You have to charge with the hq first, and make the charge. If they make the charge and the follow up unit fails, they're now very exposed.  So getting the most out of it requires you making 'safe' charges. And on 7" non flier, that means you popped out of a transport.
If you're charging into a bunch of flamers it's a big boost, but otherwise it's just kinda nice. But why did you take your transport full of grots into that unit with the flamers? And what if you just charged with the raider which would probably tank the overwatch?

I could be wrong. If someone could point me to some battle reports where it was used I'd appreciate it.

Those are good points, I think.

TeenageAngst wrote:
Never trust the French.
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Best Relics
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