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 (Painful) lessons learned from first game in 8th Ed. against Orks.

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(Painful) lessons  learned from first game in 8th Ed. against Orks. Empty
PostSubject: (Painful) lessons learned from first game in 8th Ed. against Orks.   (Painful) lessons  learned from first game in 8th Ed. against Orks. I_icon_minitimeSun May 06 2018, 15:35

Had a 2000 point game against Orks yesterday, my first game in almost three years.

My list was:
Blackheart Spearhead
Archon w/ Lab Cunning and Venom Blade/Blast Pistol
3 x DC Ravagers

Poison Tongue
2 x Archons (same as above)
6 x 5 Warriors w/Blaster
5 x Venoms w/w SC

Prophets of Flesh
Haemie w/EC Whip and Vexator Mask
10x Grotesques
3 x Talos w/HWB and CF

My opponent (roughly based on memory)
War Boss on Bike
3 x 30 Boyz w/ Nob and PK
2 x Weird Boy (Da Jump and Warpath)
3 x 5 Storm Boyz w/ Nob and Big Choppa
10 Tankbustas w/ Rokkit Launchas in Trukk
15 x Lootas
FW Meka Dread
Pain Boy
1 x Kustom Mega Kannon
3 x 10 Grots

Deployment was Vanguard Strike which really through me for a loop as it was my first time playing it and the diagonal set up meant a lot my shooting was out of range.

Mission was Rise and Raze(?), the one where you score any objectives you hold at the end of your turn but gives you the option to destroy an objective marker for D3 points and it cannot be scored again after that.

My opponent won the roll off and let me go first which threw me off.

Turn 1:
I mostly shuffled around to make sure I was holding all three of my objectives. I was expecting him to go first so I deployed badly, setting up my Ravaers on my back edge, meaning they were either out of range or LOS of any targets worth shooting at. Also, I’d put an Archon and a unit of Warriors hidden in ruins on an objective closet to my opponents deployment zone. This would prove to be a mistake. And my Grotesques were not hidden well enough behind a wall, which would also prove to be a mistake.

My opponents first turn, he used Warpath and Da Jump to move 30 Boyz nine inches away from my objective held by an Archon and 5 Warriors. His 15 Lootas each got three shots and he used the Dakka Dakka stratagem to turn every hit roll of six into another shot. He rolled exceptionally well (this would be a trend throughout the game] and ended up killing three Grotesques. He then made his nine in charge with his Boyz into my Archon and Warriors holding my objective and his bazillion attacks killed both, He did however forget to hold two objectives in his deployment zone.
Score: DE 3/ Orks 2 + First Blood

Turn 2:
Shooting and assault kills off the 30 Boyz on my objective. I then score three more points.

My opponent jumps another 30 Boyz nine inches away from one of my objectives. Shooting sees three wounds on one of the Venoms and five wounds on a Talos. He then (of course) makes another nine inch charge and kills a Warrior squad holding one of my objectives. Then he makes a very smart decision and destroys that objective. He also gets two points for that objective before destroying it.
Score: DE 6/Orks 7 + First Blood

Turn 3:
I am on my back foot now and realize that I should’ve been playing a little more aggressively. I start trying to play catch up. Shooting wipes out the the 30 Boyz in my deployment zone and about half The Lootas.

My opponent knows that if I’m to win this game, I will need to hold his objectives. He wisely switches tactics to defend his objectives and puts his last big unit of Boyz on one. And Grots and his War Boss on two others. His shooting I think does one wound on a Grotesque and a few wounds on Ravager.
Score: DE 8/Orks 10 + First Blood

Turn 4:
I turn my attention to trying to clear off his last big unit of Boyz from the center objective. Unfortunately for me, he rolled insanely well on his Kustom Force Field rolls and his 6+ Pain Boy saves. At the end of my turn, I’ve only killed about half the squad and put a few wounds on a Trukk,

I’d been moving the Ravagers up with my WL Archon to have more targets to shoot up. But foolishly, I didn’t put anything behind my Archon. My opponent realized this and Jumped his Weird Boy behind my WL and cast Smite on him. He then (of course rolled a six and I failed all six FNP rolls (because, of course). This netted him Slay the Warlord. He punished my stupidity for losing awareness of my WL positioning. He also charged two units of Storm Boyz into two Ravagers and put several wounds on each.
Score: DE 10/ Orks 13 + First Blood and Slay the Warlord.

Turn 5:
Realistically, short of tabling him, there’s not much hope for me now. Shooting sees more Lootas killed and more Boyz fron the last big mob on the center objective brought down but I rolled pretty terribly for my wound rolls and he (again) rolled pretty well for his invul and FNP throws. Assault with the Grotesques finishes off the Storm Boyz who charged my Ravagers last turn. I charge a Venom into the last remaining Boyz hoping to tie them up until my Grotesques can get there to wipe them out, The Venom survives on one wound.

His shooting sees him kill one of the injured Ravagers and he Smites the Venom in combat with his Boyz, taking its last wound. His Tankbustas also finished off a wounded Venom.
Score: DE 12/ Orks 16 + Warlord and First Blood.

We roll to see if the game goes on and surprise, surprise, it does not. Victory for the Orks.

My opponent played well and definitely deserved to win but I made some truly boneheaded mistakes that made his victory pretty easy. They say the game is won or lost in the movement phase and I definitely lost this game by putting too little thought into my movement and positioning. Starting with deployment. I had most things castled up to protect against a first turn charge. When he unexpectedly gave me first turn, I left myself no real shooting targets. I also spent the first two turns playing too cautiously because I’d never played Orks before and didn’t have a good feel for what their true threats to my army were. Forgetting to protect my WL when I knew he could jump almost anywhere on the board was inexcusable. As was not spacing my units out more on first and second turn to deny him space to get close to my objectives with his large units of Boyz.

I also forgot to play to the mission. I completely forgot that he could destroy one of my objectives which, coupled with WL and FB, won him the game. Had it gone on toTurn 7, I might’ve been able to table him as most of my army was still intact and his biggest threats, Boyz and Lootas were mostly neutralized.

All in all, a very good learning experience and one that definitely reinforced the importance of positioning and situational awareness.

My MVPSs were probably my Grots and my Venoms.
LVPs were definitely my Talos. I badly misplayed them and other than kill a few Boyz and take a wound or two off a Trukk, they did absolutely nothing.

My opponent’s MVPs were his Lootas and his Weird Boys for getting off all his psychic powers and Smiting my WL to death. And his dice. Bad dice rolling didn’t cost me the game, but my opponent rolled well above average much of the day, which made it much harder for me to catch up after he destroyed my objective in Turn 2.

Thanks for reading. I’ve asked my opponent for a rematch so hopefully I’ll have a happier tale to tell next time.

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(Painful) lessons learned from first game in 8th Ed. against Orks.
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