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 Agent's Field Guide

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PostSubject: Agent's Field Guide   Agent's Field Guide I_icon_minitimeSat May 05 2018, 17:28

This is the third part of a series on using Agent's of Vect. My intention is to eventually get through ever codex. I hope you are enjoying this series! Thanks for reading! Notes are in green.

Blood Angels:

Dark Angels:

Grey Knights:

I want to take a moment to discuss a strategic concept. If you play Magic: the Gathering, you are likely familiar with the dreaded counter spells. They function very similarly to Agents, nullifying an important move. Keeping the option open to cast counters by conserving resources is a powerful mind game. It makes opponents wary of using their best stuff for fear of being countered. This is disruption, and it is one of our greatest strengths. Consider keeping those last 3 cp open for a while, just to mess with the enemy.

I'm building a to-do list of issues to address in the final draft.

1. Review Killshot
2. Add CP costs to early chapters
3. Reorganize the notes in a more useful manner.
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PostSubject: Re: Agent's Field Guide   Agent's Field Guide I_icon_minitimeSat May 05 2018, 20:39


Focused Fire (3CP) Get rid of army-wide +1 To Wound
Hot Blooded (2CP) No double shooting for an infantry unit
Strike And Fade (1CP) Removing JSJ from a QuadFusionColdstar is very nice

CnC Node (1CP) Wastes putting a valuable Commander out of position
Uplinked Markerlight (1CP) Only to deny that 5th markerlight
Branched Nova Charge (1CP) Very situational
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PostSubject: Re: Agent's Field Guide   Agent's Field Guide I_icon_minitimeSun May 06 2018, 06:24

I disagree with your BA choices. The two must counters for BA are good stratagems, but you're missing the mobility stratagems that make BA jump infantry very strong. Specifically decent of angels is an absolute must counter, more than anything else. Stopping something like sanguinary guard from making that 3d6 charge from deep strike is huge, it's the difference between letting them deepstrike in a wreck your ravaged and still having said dissie ravager alive to destroy the sanguinary guard. Compared to only in death does duty end that stratagem in particular is so much better and something you need to stop.

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PostSubject: Re: Agent's Field Guide   Agent's Field Guide I_icon_minitimeSun May 06 2018, 07:02

Astra Militarum/Guard.

Overlapping Fields of Fire (1CP) This isn't something I'd classify as a Must Counter, especially considering the FAQ, but it's far above the level of a Situational Counter
Firstborn Pride!(1CP) A Vostroyan Tank Commander hitting on 2's and yelling at himself to reroll 1's with a 30" Heavy 40 barrage of S5 will absolutely shred anything we can field.

Fire on my Position!(3CP)
Crush Them!(1CP)
Mobile Command Vehicle (1CP)
Take Cover! (1CP)
Grenadiers (1CP)
Inspired Tactics (1CP)
Fight to the Death (1CP)
Defensive Gunners (1CP)
Superior Intelligence (1CP)
Vicious Traps(1CP)

Vortex Missile (3CP)
Jury Rigging (1CP)
Consolidate Squads (1CP)
Aerial Spotter (2CP)
Officio Prefectus Command Tank (2CP)
Preliminary Bombardment (2CP)
Go! Recon! (1CP)
Volley Fire!(1CP)
Send in the Next Wave! (2CP)
Armoured Fist (1CP)

Cannot Counter/Irrelevent
Imperial Commanders Armoury (1/3CP)
Vengeance for Cadia! (1CP)
Ambush! (3CP)

Any competent Guard player will likely have more than double your Command Points. You won't be able to counter all of them. In addition, there's no critical stratagem that makes up the Backbone of an AM force, the real danger comes from the fact they can play so damn many of them a turn

"Death solves all problems. No man, no problem."
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PostSubject: Re: Agent's Field Guide   Agent's Field Guide I_icon_minitime

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Agent's Field Guide
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