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 ETC Test Game vs Super heavy vehicle list

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ETC Test Game vs Super heavy vehicle list Empty
PostSubject: ETC Test Game vs Super heavy vehicle list   ETC Test Game vs Super heavy vehicle list I_icon_minitimeThu May 03 2018, 15:55

Hi there,
Last night we played a test game as how the Drukhari Skimmer list fared against the superheavy tanks in a typical guard etc list.

Our lists were as follows:
Drukhari -Battalion-Black Heart
Archon-Huskblade-writhing muse
5x10 Kabalites (2 blaster,1 dark lance)
7x Raiders, Dark lance
3xRavagers, Dissy

Drukhari-Battalion-Mixed Obsession
Haemy-Prophets-venom blade
Succubus-Red Grief-Shardnet and impaler
Succubus-Red Grief-Archite glaive
2x5Kabalites-Black heart-1 blaster
1x5 Kabalites-Black Heart

Vostroyan-Super Heavy Detachment

Tank Commander-Punisher
3x 20 or 30 conscripts

We played etc mission with relic& scouring and spolis of war with kill team mission as always. The deployment was made according to hammer&anvil.
We deployed the 6 objectives equally, 4 on the nomans land, 1 in both of our deployment zones. Relic was in the middle.
Before the match, i made a succubus and haemy warlords and gained my 1 cp back. Then i deepstriked all 3 of my ravagers and 2 of my 10 man gunboats into deepstrike. As i deployed my warlord as my first drop, i managed to gain back 2 of my 5 cps by labrintyhine cunning. I deployed the raider with my hqs and 5 man naked squad behind los, and also another of my 10 man raider into another los blocking terrain.
My opponent deployed his tanks or maximum shooting lanes, but hided his tank commander behind los terrain in the middle.
I managed to win to go first despite my opponent has +1 to his dice. But then i got seized:)
He drowe 3 cards. One was domination. As i had held back my army i was in no position to control the objective in my deployment zone. He made run moves of 5 and 6 with his two conscript units to reach the objectives. In shooting phase he gave the move move move order to move again and reached 5 of 6 objectives. He then give another move move move order to his other conscript unit but rolled below 4+ on the dice, in order to secure the sixth objective and gain domination which was a 6 point mission card he declared a command reroll. That was when i first vected him:) I stopped him and gained 2 cps from labrintyhine cunning:)
He then give +1 to one of his superheavies and shooted with all the sponson weapons and main weapons to my 3 raiders and killed 3 of the vehicles . I managed to disembark the kabalites inside the raiders with minimum casualites to out of los.
In my turn i brought all my deepstrikers and focus fired to his hellhammer with 3 raiders, a few dark lance kabalites and 3 ravagers and brought it down. I also shoot with my remaining splinter and blaster weapons which were out of range of its tanks to one of his conscript units. all but one died and he was scoring my objective due to spoilers of war mission, as the last mdoel was out of range of his valhallan commisar relic pistol, he went for insane bravery and got vected for the second time:) I also regained a cp due to warlord trait. I firefand faded with one my raiders to shoot his tank then escaped behind out of los terrain.
In the second turn , he went for 2 of my ravagers (which each ravager had dealt 4 points of damage to the dead hellhammer in my previous turn) and 1 of my raiders and killed each of them while hurting another of my raiders for 5 points of damage. In retaliation i killed his tank commander, damaged the baneblade for 5-6 points of damage and shooted the conscripts in his backline and charged his frontline conscripts with 25 of my kabalites and 3 skimmers (2 raider and a ravager) and my 2 succubusses that had disembarked from the vehicles in my movement phase. I damaged the back line unit for a mere 6 conscripts as he was out of rapid fire range, but severely damaged the frontline one in the fight phase as my kabalites were hitting on 2s rerolling 1s. I also captured 4 of the six objectives due to charge,pile in and consolidate moves.
In my opponents third turn, he killed the remaining ravager and 1 other raider as one of my raider was locked into combat. The last raider was wounded but was not dead. He also killed like 15 of my warriors that had disembarked from the dead raiders before. But as my army were of black heart kabal, we were fearless in round three.
In my third turn i severly crippled his bane blade but could not kill it as my army was depleted too. I was in a winning position with my central close combat with consciprts and had secured all five of the objectives in the central area and 1 in my deployment zone.
In his fourth turn he could only killed the two reamining raiders and 10 more kabalites.He also charged with his baneblade into combat by strategem and killed one my succubus in combat phase. His shadow sword had moved at near me and was undamaged at that point. Baneblade had 4 or 5 wound left.
In my fourth turn i surrounded the baneblade with 4 of my kabalites to block its movement so as to prevent him getting los to my valuable blaster and dark lance kabalites spreaded around it and characters behind them. I captured the relic with my haemy and escape out of los terrain. My warlord escaped out of los too. In my shooting phase i destroyed his bane blade. I had a four man squad and a 8 man squad in front of my characters to protect them with characer rule.
In the last turn of the game, my opponent targeted and shot down the kabalites that he could target but as my characters were out of los or behind troops and he was firing with only one unit, they managed to survive. Then i captured 4 objectives with 2 of my archons and 1 succbus and the haemy who was also carrying relic.
When the game ended, i managed to win with 8 points of difference, 14-6...

-Agents of vect is incredible, if not for it the match would be a draw as i managed to prevent my opponent 7 vps by that strategem.
-Kabal of the Black Heart is the best obsession for my play style, as it has the best warlord trait, best relic and best strategem and also the best chapter tactic. 6+++ fnp for 10 paperboat equals to 11 paperboats for wound count, and being fearless in turn 3 is amazing as my firepower versus tough targets usually does not drop as only splinter rifle kabalites turns to run off:)
-Dissy ravager is the best option as it is a reliable weapon to chip off opponent's wounds...

It was an amazing and fun game for both of us, and talked about the game for 1 or 2 hours afterwards.

Have fun...

PS: English is not my main language as you must realize by now Smile Sorry for the mistakes...
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ETC Test Game vs Super heavy vehicle list
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