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 1st game with new codex: 2k vs. Deathguard

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1st game with new codex: 2k vs. Deathguard Empty
PostSubject: 1st game with new codex: 2k vs. Deathguard   1st game with new codex: 2k vs. Deathguard I_icon_minitimeWed May 02 2018, 21:52

I played my first game with the new codex a couple weeks ago, vs. a friend's Deathguard. 2000 pts.

My list (note: Not particularly optimized - just a list I threw together to play with a bunch of different units and test out the raiding patrol.)

Patrol 1: Black Heart Kabal
Archon (in venom) - Djinn blade, blast pistol
Warlord trait: Soulthirst

Lhamean (in venom w/ Archon)
Sslyth (in venom w/ Archon)

Kabalite warriors x10 (in raider) - 2 blasters, SC, Syb w/ agonizer
Kabalite warriors x10 (in raider) - 2 blasters, SC, Syb w/ agonizer

Mandrakes x6

Ravager - DLx3
Ravager - Dissx3

Razorwing Jetfighter - DLx2, SC

Raider x4 - DL, shock prow
Venom - SCx2

Patrol 2: Red Grief Cult

Succubus (in red grief raider) - agonizer, glaive
Warlord Trait (via alliance of agony): Precision Blows
Drug: +1A

Wyches x9 (in red grief raider) - shardnet/impaler, Hex w/ PSL & Agonizer
Drug: +1S

Reavers x6 - grav-talons x2, blasters x2
Drug: +1T

Raider - Diss, Shock prow

Patrol 3: Prophets of Flesh

Haemonculus (in BH raider with Grots) - liquifier gun
Warlord trait (via Alliance of Agony) - Diabolical soothsayer

Wracks x10 (in BH raider) - LG x2, Acothyst w/ LG

Grotesques x4 (in BH raider)

His list (from memory)

Morty's termie bodyguards x3
Surgeon (Warlord)
Chaos Lord
Some other character model

big blob of poxwalkers x2

blob of plague marines

blighthaulers x3

Mission was Secure and Control, with Dawn of War deployment

His deployment: Morty in the center, flanked by Termies. To the left, a unit of pox walkers sitting on his objective. To the far left, unit of 3 blighthaulers. To the right, marines and characters (except for Typhus) hanging out behind them to the left, all bubblewrapped in the 2nd unit of poxwalkers. Typhus hangs out behind the bubble wrap but off to the right.

My deployment: Razorwing Jetfighter on far right, to gain easy access to any part of the board. 2 Ravagers in center, to flank left or right, depending on where they are needed. 2 raiders full of kabalite warriors to the left of the ravagers. To the right, Archon in venom, Reavers, Wych raider, Grot raider, and Wrack raider.

He gets 1st turn.
I fail to seize.

Round 1:
Morty moves forward. Blighthaulers shoot at my raiders on the left, putting 5 wounds on one of them, but missing otherwise. Poxwalker/Marine blob inches forward. My opponent plays a stratagem which protects his marines from being targeted unless they are closest unit, hence the bubblewrap. He also plays a strat on morty that gives me -1 to hit him.

I move all of my ravagers left to face the blighthaulers. and move my warrior raiders further left as well. Everything on the right moves further right. basically, i split my forces in two.. to make him have to choose which side to chase with Morty. My shooting drops a Blighthauler, and some poxwalkers. One of the termies gets killed taking shots meant for Morty. I advance reavers across the board and charge the poxwalker bubblewrap with them. The bikes fail to do much.

Round 2:
The poxwalkers step back from the reavers. My opponent plays a stratagem which allows his entire marine unit to throw grenades. Plague marines throw like a million grenades at the reavers and they just disintegrate. Morty starts chasing after my right section. Fires a beam that puts some 3 wounds each on two raiders. Blighthaulers manage to miss all of their shots. Morty attempts to charge my archon venom, but fails the charge. His termies, unable to keep up with Morty, break off to support the poxwalkers who are objective-sitting.

on my turn - Ravagers destroy the rest of the blighthaulers. My archon venom jets 19" further right to GTFA from Morty. Wych and Wrack raiders move further up. Grot raider disembarks a unit of 4 Grotesques and the Haemonculus. I whittle away at the poxwalker bubble-wrap to the right with my shooting. Mandrakes drop in behind Typhus, and put a couple wounds on him with balefire. They fail their charge (which was from outside his destroyer hive range), however. The Grotesques charge into the poxwalkers and chop them into oblivion. They consolidate into the plague marines. The marines punch back, but the Grots make all of their saves.

Round 3.
Marines stay in combat with the Grots. Morty charges the wrack raider. Morty obliterates the wrack raider, but it explodes, putting mortal wounds on Mortarian, Typhus, and on my Grotesques (3 - not enough to kill any of them). I  only lose one wrack from the raider destruction; they congregate on the far side of the wreck, as far away from Morty as possible

I take this opportunity to play the counterstrike strat, activating my grotesques. then I play the strat which allows them to reroll all failed wound rolls. The grotesque kill some marines.. but not as many as i would like, due to being disgustingly resilient. Still, the grots only take one wound in return, dropping one out of my 4 grots.

and THEN it's my turn again. My opponent concedes before I can start my turn, because he has to be elsewhere soon.

While there was no clear victor, as neither side had the other side's objective.. I had a unit of wyches and wracks poised join the grots in pulverizing the marines.. and hopefully his characters/warlord with it... and with 2 ravagers + 2 fully stocked warrior raiders over near his objective, I'm pretty confident I could take his objective and get slay the warlord and linebreaker, even if he moved morty over to my objective to take it (at which point, I would probably get a few turns to bombard Morty from a distance with ample dissie and DL fire). At that point in the game, my only unit casualties were my unit of reavers, and 1 raider.
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1st game with new codex: 2k vs. Deathguard
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