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 Help w/ 1k Kabal/Coven List

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Help w/ 1k Kabal/Coven List Empty
PostSubject: Help w/ 1k Kabal/Coven List   Help w/ 1k Kabal/Coven List I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 30 2018, 02:59

Prophets of Flesh Battalion

Heamonculus, Electrocorrosive Whip, splinter pistol, 76 pts
Urien 90

10 Wracks w/ 2 ossefactors 104
5 Wracks w/1 ossifactor 52
5 Wracks w/1 ossifactor 52

Red Grief Outrider 322 pts
Succubus, Blood Glaive, splinter pistol.

Scourgesx5, 4 haywire blasters 92
Reavers x6, 2 grav talons 120
Reavers x3, 1 grav talon 60

Wracks hang with the heamy, Urien as described below. Small wrack squads hold objectives and poke with their ossefactors.

1) This is actually only ~700 pts. This leaves me ~300 pts to add something else
I was thinking either 3 talos or a large block of grotesques to run up the middle with urien and pin them in place while the faster elements tie things up or poke at the edges. Thoughts on which? Talos are faster since you can fire and fade them up and have more antitank if I give them haywire. Grots are sturdier per point and hit harder in melee.

2) Succubus as warlord for the 3++ or Urien for the +1d3 CP?

3) Do I have enough anti-tank for a 1k list?

4) I suspect I will end up playing exclusively with the codex entries. Does that imply that my heamy needs either a stinger pistol or hexrifle or something? Which do people prefer?

Thanks for any help.

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Help w/ 1k Kabal/Coven List
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