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 Alliance of agony: 1750 pt casual tournament preparations

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Alliance of agony: 1750 pt casual tournament preparations Empty
PostSubject: Alliance of agony: 1750 pt casual tournament preparations   Alliance of agony: 1750 pt casual tournament preparations I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 25 2018, 12:12


I’m a rather green drukhari player looking to expand my collection to face the trials of the next casual tournament versus some, outside the game, friends of mine. My goal is to create a functional TAC list while expanding my army with some coven and cult units. I saw some success last time, helped/encouraged by some suggestions on the board Smile

The list is created to function like so:

Reavers are for tying up and allowing the slogging wyches to get into melee. The solitaire aids in this. Wyches use webway while archon and succubus ride in the venom. Harlies join in the wych assault turn one or two. Coven hold the bord/advance towards melee while the kabal punches the heavy targets with the aid of the scourges.

I’d like to use the alliance of agony stratagem, mostly because it’s awesome, avoid spamming units and preferably not paint any more raiders/venoms (the ravagers in the list are proxied raiders). Besides what’s listed, I own 5 more scourges, 10 incubi and 2 venoms. To build the current list I need to buy reavers and all coven units.

Any suggestions on how to change the content/invest better and/or choose better obsessions? I’m mostly worried my lack of transports will prove a problem.

++ Patrol Detachment: Wych cult ++

Detachment Attribute: Cult of the Cursed Blade

Succubus: Shardnet and impaler, Traitor's Embrace

20x /w 1 shardnet

Reavers :
6x Reavers /w 2 grav-talons

++ Patrol Detachment: Kabal ++

Detachment Attribute: Kabal of the Obsidian Rose

Archon: /w huskblade

Kabalite Warriors
. 10x Kabalite Warrior /w 1 DL

Ravager /w 3 dissies, 1 shock prow
Ravager /w 3 dissies, 1 shock prow

Voidraven: /w dark scythes and missiles

++ Patrol Detachment: Coven ++

Detachment Attribute: Prophets of Flesh

Haemonculus: /w Electrocorrosive whip

10x /w 2 liquifier guns

5x Scourges /w 4 haywire blasters

Talos /w macro-scalpels and heat-lances

Venom: Splinter Cannon, Twin splinter rifle

++ Patrol Detachment: Harlequins ++

Detachment Type: Harlequin

Troupe Master: /w embrace

5x players /w embrace


Starweaver: 2x Shuriken Cannon

++ Total: [94 PL, 1750pts] ++[/b]
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Alliance of agony: 1750 pt casual tournament preparations Empty
PostSubject: Re: Alliance of agony: 1750 pt casual tournament preparations   Alliance of agony: 1750 pt casual tournament preparations I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 25 2018, 16:23

Dark Eldar are the quintessential ‘spam’ army so making a strong list without that is pretty difficult. That said, we can still do alright mixing and matching. So sticking as close to your stipulations as possible:

Cult: Deep striking assault is more than likely about to take a big hit if the Beta Rules go live, but they can still be useful. I prefer Cult of Strife if you only have one (large) unit of Wyches. That way you can field the very strong Tryptic/Blood Dancer Succubus and give her +1A whilst your Wyches can take +1 Str and already have a bunch of attacks. Run them with max hydra-gauntlets. Also this obsession gives you the best Wych Stratagem, and with this many charging Wyches you’re bound to be able to use it. Non-Red Grief Reavers are markedly worse at Turn 1 harass but at least +A is useful for them, unlike +1 Str which they can never use because their melee attacks are always Str 4.

Kabal: Go Black Heart. Your Archon needs to be warlord for Alliance of Agony anyway and Black Heart is by far the best. Take him with Labyrinthine Cunning and WotL and sit him next to your Ravagers for a bunch of re-rolls. Cut the warriors down to minimum size. They’re very out of place in this list, just use them to bubble wrap your Archon.

Coven: 1 Talos isn’t going to do anything for you. Three is the minimum. Drop him and get some Grotesques and replace your Haemy with Urien. Also drop the Venom. Your troops are already slogging, you should be giving them your buff aura. Urien is the best at that with +1 Str and Toughness.

Harlies: I’d say drop them outright and use the points to fill out the Coven/Put your extra Scourges to use. 1 single transport is just going to get mauled. If you’re not gonna spam Transports, you need to go all in.

That should be in line with what you asked for. If you’re open to a little spam I could help draft a pretty strong list that plays almost the same. Just let me know.
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Alliance of agony: 1750 pt casual tournament preparations
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