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 Counts-As conversion Question

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PostSubject: Counts-As conversion Question   Counts-As conversion Question I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 23 2018, 04:25

Hey there,

I finally started my dark eldar army! Maybe mostly to do some hobbying/try my hands as painting, but it would be nice to be able to do play a game or 2 eventually when I get enough pieces together.

Despite hoping to play 40k (who's rules I'm more familiar with), the whole torture/tubes-in-everything feel didn't really appeal to me, so I started out with a exodite/ crone world approach. I took a lot of inspiration from ynneadwraith, whose converting work I quite liked. Everything is eventually to be fire and ice themed, reflecting an eldar world on the fringe of the edge of the warp rift, continually frozen and burned by every eddy of the warp. Everything is eventually to be fire and Ice themed, with fire conversions reflecting DE and ice Eldar. I ended up starting more with the dark eldar side of the modelling for whatever reason.

Do people think other players would have trouble with some of the following counts-as/conversions? I am unlikely to play in many (or any) tournements

Wracks-> Spite revenants
Reaver Jetbikes -> Dark Riders w/ scourge wings, carrying spliter rifles/pistols.
Shining Spears -> Wild Rider stags w/ scourge wings, Dire avengers on top, wielding lances?

I think things are mostly the same size, which is nice. If anything, all the wings make them way harder to hind behind things.

Similarly I'm considering adding a big heavy-hitting block to the army. Any thoughts on the base model to make a lava elemental or squad thereof to use as either talos or grotesques? Preferrably from base GW material so I could still theoretically play in a GW store? Pictures hopefully to follow tomorrow.
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PostSubject: Re: Counts-As conversion Question   Counts-As conversion Question I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 23 2018, 08:45

Some kind of steed replacing Jetbikes is quite common with Exodite armies, so yeah, those sound like they'd work fine!

And Spite Revenants would look great as Wracks!

I sincerely doubt anyone would ever have a problem with this, so long as you remember to talk your opponent through what everything is whenever you play!

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Counts-As conversion Question
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